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Coliving in George Town

George Town
The beautiful and multicultural George Town is the capital of the Malaysian island of Penang. Malaysia has forever been a go-to for travelers and tourists. With modern technology and affordable living cost, George Town is quickly becoming one of the coliving centers of Malaysia.

Being the first British settlement in Southeast Asia and then subjugated by Japan has left George Town with both British and Japanese architectural beauty. The city is known for its colonial buildings, Chinese shophouses, street art, and food. With both an Old Town and a modern city, George Town offers the best of both worlds. George Town's historical center is rightly a UNESCO World Heritage site, helping make it the nation’s tourism hub.

George Town is bursting at the seams with history, waiting to tell you a story or two. The oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia that stands tall and proud in the brightest white is only a part of that story. In a city where churches, mosques, and temples stand side by side, each has a unique piece to give this multicultural city.

Kek Lok Si is a stunning castle-like temple. Open to tourists, walking through the temple shows how culture and religion blend together in this city. As you walk through the temple halls, you will see Chinese, Burmese, and Thai design melt together.

Penang Hill is the highest point in George Town and offers the best views in the city. If you are not up for a hike, the cable car is a less strenuous way to make your way up the hills where you will find colonial cottages and viewing platforms. On your way down, remember to visit the botanical gardens at the foot of Penang Hill. The botanical garden is filled with beautiful and exotic flowers and spices.

People visit George Town for many reasons, but street food and street art is at the top of that list. Penang’s main roads close on the last weekend of every month for the famous George Town Market. The market is the perfect time to shop for souvenirs, have some bubble tea, and sample the fantastic street food.

In George Town, it is hard to know what food to try and what not to try; there is so much – so follow your nose and see where you end up. You never know it might even take you to Little India, where you can grab a plate of biryani, tandoori chicken, or even spicy prawns.

George Town is genuinely one of the easiest cities to live in. It is safe, inexpensive, and friendly. A perfect example is that there is even a free bus that operates every day except for Sunday, making it easy to get around. George Town is ideal for the digital nomad looking to colive in a homey, beautiful, and stress-free city.

Here are some fun facts about George Town:

- George Town is named after King George III of Great Britain
- World-famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo was born in George Town
- George Town is home to six traditional Chinese villages
- The most photographed building in George Town is Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion which has 28 rooms and a remarkable 200 windows
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