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Coliving in Jakarta


Coliving in Jakarta

Indonesia’s Bali is best known for being a digital nomad’s paradise but that doesn’t mean you should brush off its neighbor, Jakarta. A wide range of coliving spaces can be found in the city and remote workers won’t have a hard time finding their ideal location. Jakarta is a vibrant city nestled on the northwest coast of the Java island. It is the country’s capital, making it Indonesia’s lifestyle, cultural and economic hub. With the coworking and coliving trend thriving in this city, the internet will always be a remote worker’s priority. It’s a good thing that connectivity won’t disrupt a digital nomad’s workflow as Jakarta has decent internet, even in locations that may seem so remote. You can easily find a place to unwind after a productive day as Jakarta is known for its electrifying nightlife. Shopping malls are prevalent in the lifestyle scene and Indonesian cuisine is varied and delicious.

Here are a few facts about Jakarta:
- The city went through five name changes before deciding on Jakarta
- It is the 13th largest city in the world
- Indonesia was a Dutch colony in the past and Jakarta houses some of the remains of this part of the country’s history
- It was nicknamed “Big Durian”, a fruit produced in Indonesia. This makes it the Indonesian equivalent to the Big Apple (New York).
- Jakarta is a tourist’s gateway to the rest of Indonesia
- The city’s total shopping mall area equals 550 hectares, making Jakarta a shopper’s paradise
- It only experiences two seasons - wet and dry. The rainy season starts in October while the dry season starts in May. Jakarta generally has a humid weather

Living in the city offers major advantages when it comes to transportation and shopping centers. As a digital nomad in Jakarta, you’ll easily have access to live’s daily essentials and this is why it makes a great place for remote workers to choose as a coliving choice.

What is coliving?

Coliving is a new trend amongst millennials for renting shared apartments. Whether you're moving to Jakarta for work or just looking for a new apartment, coliving in Jakarta is a good way to save money and live with like-minded people. Co-living places people from different backgrounds together and encourages them to interact, collaborate and form new friendships. When compared to dorms, coliving is much more attractive, since it's relatively inexpensive, all-inclusive and allows you to rent a furnished room with an individual lease.

Why book coliving in Jakarta?

Looking for a room for rent in Jakarta? Look no further! Coliving.com offers quality, trusted coliving spaces in Jakarta with all the amenities you need - and we offer them all at an affordable price. Finding the perfect coliving space in Jakarta is easy and convenient. New residents can explore a variety of rooms online and apply for a spot that fits their needs. All coliving spaces in Jakarta include furniture and amenities in the same bill.