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What is coliving?

Coliving is a modern form of shared housing for like-minded people to live, work and play together. Fully furnished, specially-designed living spaces create an inspiring environment for people to interact and share experiences.
The biggest value of joining a coliving space is access to the community.

Looking for a month to month lease?
Coliving spaces don’t force you into a yearly contract, they offer flexible short term rentals with leases starting from as short as even a week.

Why Coliving.com?

Coliving.com is the #1 discovery and booking platform for Coliving homes around the world.





About Lyon

Lyon is the capital of Metropolis, of Leon, with a center that reflects over 2000 years of history the city is a true gem attracting many coliving dwellers. Lyon is famously known for its delectable cuisine.

With its fascinating history, world-famous cuisine, and beautiful Medevil old town, it is no surprise that it is a top living abroad destination for digital nomads. Top things to do and experience and explore here include the Musee des Confluence, the Vieux Lyon district, and the Parc de la Tete D'or Lyon.

Musee des confluence is a must-see science center here in Lyon. In this museum, you can find natural science, earth sciences, and exhibitions of arts and crafts. Vieux Lyon is an unusual district with hidden passageways. It is a popular attraction for curious tourists and nomads.

Parc de la Tete D'or Lyon is a vast urban park, with lakes and boating. This popular urban park is inspired by English landscapes. It is a well known meet up spot for locals and tourists.

Lyon is a food lover's dream come true. Some local dishes in the city include Salade Lyonnaise, which is a classic French bistro salad. Cervelle de Canut is a cheese spread and dip; unique to Lyon and Rosette de Lyon is a French pork sausage. You are sure to fall in love with the French cuisine here.

Ways to get around Lyon include metro, cable cars, trams, buses, and walking in the center. There are many easy transport options, making the lives of busy remote workers hassle-free.

Lyon is a perfect city for travelers and coliving workers interested in immersing themselves in the French lifestyle. The town has fast Internet, free Wi-Fi, and safe places to work outside of your coliving accommodation.

Fun facts about the City of Lyon:

- The African Museum is one of the oldest museums in Lyon
- December 8 each year is marked by the Festival of Lights
- Lyon is a world heritage site
- Lyon reached its peak of classic development in the 2nd century, and Christianity was then introduced.