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Entrepreneur Adventure House
Entrepreneur Adventure House

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If you are a traveling entrepreneur who wants to live your life to the max then feel at home here. We have created an amazing program for digital nomads who want to grow their online business and have fun. Our program is geared for people who want to travel the world, experience new cultures, network, go on amazing adventures in nature and to grow as an individual on many levels.

We, the creators of the Entrepreneur Adventure House Bulgaria, are of course entrepreneurs ourselves. We have a wide variety of things we do and we would love to share our experience with you and grow with you when you are here. The following information will share the layout and give you an idea for your stay with us.

The next dates you can sign up for is from August 12th – September 12 2016. Our program is one month in length. This is the layout for our next adventure house!

We are accepting 10 people including couples for the next house. You will need to be in Sofia, Bulgaria on August 12th and we will take you to the house. We will first stay in a wonderful house in a small village called Beli Iskar. The village is the highest village in the Balkans! It is a part of the Rila Mountains just at “Eagles Rock”. This is an extremely peaceful and beautiful part of nature. You can hike as often as you like. There are beautiful trails everywhere and you can drink perfectly clear water straight from the river without purifying it! Truly a beautiful place. Here we can go to the 7 Lakes, The Rila Monastery and many other amazing places in the mountains. It’s also just next to a famous ski resort and there are many adventures to be had here!

First we will get to know one another and then set work goals for the whole month. Then you will get an accountability buddy to help you stay focused and on task with your goals. Once a week we will have a mastermind session and share our current obstacles. You will receive ideas and feedback from everyone to help you grow and overcome your obstacle. We will also attend local networking and entrepreneurial events. You have the opportunity to hire people here in BG. There are great teams for very low prices, so this is a major perk of coming to Bulgaria.

We will always have a weekly adventure! These adventures may include water sports on the sea, skiiing/snowboarding in the mountains, hiking, sight seeing in amazing historic places, downhill bikes, dirt bikes, rock climbing, cave exploring, river rafting, and other nature related events. The adventure depends on the location. First we will be at the sea so we will do water sports and other adventures near by.

The second half of the trip we will move into another house in Varna, very close to the Black Sea beaches. The house is very big and secluded in a great area. There is a tropical feel there with fruits growing naturally all around (figs, walnuts, plums etc.). You can eat them as you please.


So each week we will go to an adventure as a group, have a mastermind session, have a review and check up with our accountability buddies and have short/basic Bulgarian lessons. While being in Bulgaria we hope you get a chance to feel the culture and learn a little bit of the language if you would like to.

We will also visit Sofia (the capital city) and other historic sites.

Now you have a basic outline of what we will do and where we will be for the next house! If you have any questions or want to sign up please contact us right away! Each time we have the house, there will be a different experience and different adventures! So you are welcome to stay longer if you wish.

You won’t believe what happens when you bring together online entrepreneurs in one place! Magic happens!

Perks of being in Bulgaria:

  • Top 20 fastest internet in the world! (can be up to 100 Mbps for upload and download)

  • Very cheap country

  • You can hire great teams for very low costs and still pay them well

  • AMAZING fresh healthy food. Really….

  • Extremely Beautiful people

  • This country has everything. Mountains, The Sea, Great Cities and some of the oldest history in the world.


3D Printer
Breakfast (included)
Coworking Space
Hot Tub
Parties (arranged)
Speaker Events


Air Conditioning
Cable TV
Chill Out Area
Cleaning (all rooms)
Dining Area
Free Fruit
Meeting Room
Outdoor Space
Parking (free on property)
Shared Bedroom(s)
Single Bedroom(s)
Toilet Paper


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