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Cape Town

Coliving in Cape Town

Cape Town
Cape Town is an amazing destination for remote workers and digital nomads traveling the world. With some exciting new developments in coliving, Cape Town is jumping on the trend of funky coliving and coworking spaces. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay with a great community aspect, check out Cape Town Cribs for both short-term and long-term stays. If you fancy a day of working in the city, there are lots of spots that offer free Wi-Fi, although the Internet speed can be slow at times so most people take advantage of the coliving set-up. You’ll find regular digital nomad meetups in Cape Town, making networking and meeting like-minded people easy. With an affordable cost of living, you can achieve a great lifestyle living in Cape Town. There’s plenty to do in town, and it’s a great jumping-off point for further adventures in and around South Africa. Whether you fancy visiting Victoria Falls or going on an epic safari, Cape Town is an ideal location to base yourself in.
Cape Town is a great city to visit.

Here are some interesting facts about Cape Town that you might not know:
- Cape Town, or the Mother City, is South Africa’s oldest city. It was founded in 1652 by Jan van Riebeeck of the Netherlands.
- Cape Town has around 500,000 inhabitants.
- Major landmarks in Cape Town include the harbor and the Parliament of South Africa.
- In the region of Cape Town, you can see the stunning Table Mountain, Cape Point, and the Cape Floral Kingdom, where more than 9,600 different types of plants grow. 7,000 of these plants do not grow anywhere else in the world.
- The oldest colonial building in South Africa is Cape Town’s Castle of Good Hope. It was constructed between 1666 and 1679 and used to be a fort.
- The Museum of Contemporary Art Africa in Cape Town is the largest art museum on the continent.
- Every day, a cannon is fired at noon from Signal Hill, a tradition dating back to 1806.
- Nelson Mandela was kept prisoner on Robben Island in Cape Town.
- You’ll find the only tobogganing track in Africa just 25km from Cape Town!
- The Cape Peninsula has also been called the Cape of Storms for the terrible weather that used to hit the coastline in the area. It’s also known as the Cape of Good Hope.
- From bobotie and bunny chow to Gatsby sandwiches and fish and chips, the foodie scene is diverse and thriving in Cape Town.

Cape Town is a great destination for location independent remote workers. It’s fast becoming a hub for digital nomads, with amazing weather, a low cost of living, and a wide range of cool places to work from. Where else could you take a couple of days off to go surfing or head off on safari to spot some big cats?!
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