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Price from $500 to $550 / month

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About Casa Campus

“Casa Campus” is a UK based company leading the branded residence space in South America offering the ultimate coliving experience near university and corporate campuses.
Our coliving product – a strategically well located premium real estate asset offering smartly designed common spaces, hotel-like services and amenities at affordable prices and under flexible user agreements - combine the best of a hoteling experience while enjoying the flexibility of our lease agreements without going through the hassle of dealing with a local realtor and facing rigid demands from landlords.

Casa Campus's latest reviews

Mariela S May 2022 5.00

It is the ideal coliving place to rest, and work remotely. Very calm and quiet. A large pool to cool off. Highly recommended 😉

santiago S Apr 2022 1.00

The truth is that we were disappointed.
Before arriving they took a long time to answer the messages where we asked for the location of the place, when we arrived the receptionist was practically rude in his way of serving the guest.
In the room there were no hand towels, the bedspread was one square and they put it crossed on a king bed.
There was no heating and we had to ask for a blanket, too small. Yes, the cleaning lady was very kind!
There was no dish towel or detergent in the kitchenette.
On top of that, at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday, a huge generator set started working that did not let us sleep.
I do not recommend it.

Franco P. Nov 2021 5.00

Very nice coliving place. Very good common spaces and excellent treatment of all administrative, maintenance and security personnel. Recommend 100%

Johan F. Nov 2021 5.00

New coliving building with a modern look. It’s a very nice place to stay with a gym and pool

Pablo P. Nov 2021 5.00

I love living at this coliving, a new concept to live.

Pablo C Nov 2021 5.00

Great coliving that exceeded my expectations. Comfortable rooms, with air conditioning and good Internet connection, and a very good park with a swimming pool.
Helpful clarifications:
-The rooms have towels and sheets.
-They have a Chromecast for TV.
-We went on a Sunday, and it helped us to contact them before so that they have the reservation information.


Agustina S. Nov 2021 5.00


Isabella F. Nov 2021 2.00

I stayed at this residence because, due to its proximity, my university recommended it. I lived at CasaCampus for 5 months, and my experience was not satisfactory at all. They sell the residence as a place for coliving among young people, but it is not only housing university students, families, people from the elderly, adults, and people undergoing treatment at the Austral Hospital; coexistence is not among young people as advertised, so do not take that environment for granted. Casa Campus does not have enough staff to maintain the cleanliness of the complex in good condition. The staff is made up of 2 cleaning people, who, although they have the best intentions, are not enough to clean all the apartments and common areas. There was no hot water in my apartment for a whole month, for a month And half the Wifi in my room was damaged, there were water leaks in the bathroom and the heating did not work for the first weeks. In theory, they were going to make a discount on the payments for the inconveniences, said the discount was never made. At the time of delivering the apartment, they charged me $ 3000PE for use stains (humidity, dirt on the outside door) several friendly tenants had the same problem; The treatment is really informal and incoherent, the administrator, with a surly treatment, replied: "I don't know how things are in your country, but in Argentina, it is handled this way." A really bad experience, both with the Building Manager and the Maintenance Manager, a terrible attitude (?). The night security guards (Rolo and Claudio) and the cleaning guys (Claudia and Elías) always the best relationship. CasaCampus has a high price, which one agrees to pay in exchange for comfort, they promise to solve the problems you had with a common rental, but after 5 months I can say that it is not worth it. With that money you can get much more, that is why my contract will not be renewed. Very nice facilities, good location, and a great concept. Badly managed, and it ended up being a bad experience, a shame, and a treatment that I do not recommend, nor do I wish, to any young foreigner, nor to any person. They do not give you the possibility to leave a comment on no other platform, if that were the case I'm sure there would be several comments of this type.

Alrjandra C Nov 2021 5.00

Great staff and place. Love the coliving space. i would recommend it!

Jorge A Oct 2021 5.00

Very practical.

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