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Enjoy your truly 'feel-at-home' experience in Seoul, living like a local at the heart of old city center surrounded by palaces and UNESCO heritage site. Embodying the desired standard of living of people in Seoul, Célib Soonra provides an unprecedented housing service that satisfies the needs of smart Seoulites to live to the fullest in a pragmatic way, liberated from long held social perceptions or any rent related complications.

Along with a breathtaking view of Changdeokgung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine as well as a beautiful roofscape of Korean-style houses, Célib Soonra offers private beds and bathrooms, shared dining lounge, kitchen, and rooftop where you can enjoy your time with loved ones.

Get a full taste of living like a true Seoulite, this is a place where you try out the place and stay for one night and want to come back for months long stay in Seoul!

ln the bedroom, you’ll find a hotel limited edition Ace mattress, private shower, vanity sink, floor heating, ceiling air conditioner, keypad door lock, mini-refrigerator, electric kettle, and on each floor there is a linen room with LG Tromm dryer and vacuum cleaner.

Guests are welcome to hang out and eat in our cozy and beautiful lounge on the 1st floor of célib soonra, inspired by Seoul style living from the 1990's. There is a small kitchen area for simple cooking (electric stove, microwave, water purifier with hot water, sink, and basic cooking tools for heating up. Also, there is a rooftop with a breathtaking view of the Changdeok Palace, Jongmyo UNESCO heritage site, Namsan Mountain, and the roofscape of han-ok traditional buildings surrounding célib soonra.

During the daytime, our masterhost will be available in the cafe lounge of the 1st floor to help you with any issues, provide information around Seoul, or just to chat. In the evening, we can be available for emergencies.

For longer term stays (over 1 month), célib life service is provided as opposed to célib stay for shorter stay airbnb guests. Longer term guests are provided with hearty home-cooked style Korean meals 4 times a week, célib soonra homewear to lounge around anywhere in the building, various spaces to book and use with guests (home cinema, home gym, home bar and living room for parties). We accommodate longer term guests to feel completely at home here in Seoul with other services, so please do contact us for more details!

Célib soonra is located at the heart of old city center, surrounded by Changdeok Palace, Biwon Queen's Garden, Jongmyo UNESCO Heritage site, Woonhyun Palace, and Gyoungbok Palace. You can get one-and-only panoramic palace view from célib soonra rooftop! Soonra is a traditional name for the King's patrol road around the Jongmyo site, and Soonra-gil is a recent phenomenon for Seoulites populated with craft beer brewery, cafes, and jewelry ateliers. Also, the area is full of little Hanok buildings, which gives you a particular roofscape view of giwa roofs. 10 minute walk, you can get to all the popular destinations such as Bukchon, Ikseondong, Gyedong, and Insadong, areas full of traditional shops, tea houses, cafes, a mix of old and new providing something for everyone. Right across the street from célib soonra, there is Arario Gallery with modern art exhibitions in an iconic old architectural heritage building (Gong-gan Atelier), juxtaposing the traditional Korean architecture with the new.
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