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About Co.404

We are creating a New Co.Working Co.Living space for everyone looking for a beautiful space to work and live with an amazing community environment.

Whatever your work, you’ll find a space here at Co.404 to reach your full potential.
We’re a collective of digital nomads making waves in the world and breaking boundaries.

With high-speed, reliable WiFi, the cosiest living spaces and a myriad of cultural activities,
Co.404 is the place you’ll find casa (home) in San Cristobal de las Casas.

Co.404's latest reviews

Simon G. Dec 2023 5.00

I've had an incredible experience joining this coliving community. It's probably the best I've ever been a part of. You won't be disappointed.

Juan A Dec 2023 5.00

I spent an incredible month at this coliving space, and I feel compelled to share my experience because it had such a profound impact on me.

The moment I stepped foot here, I was warmly welcomed by Santi, and I quickly became part of a community that felt like family. The blend of diverse cultures and stories enriched every day, turning them into adventures.

Anita, Cati, and Hugo were always smiling and eager to help. Not only did they show a willingness to pick up new words in English, but they were also kind enough to teach us some of their local languages, which was fascinating.

The facilities provided comfort and functionality. With reliable internet, comfortable workspaces, and private areas for calls, alongside communal zones pulsing with ideas and energy, it straddled the line between work and social life perfectly.

However, it was the emotional journey that really made my time here stand out. The friendships I forged went beyond mere professional connections; they were heartfelt. The owners here are adept at community building. Santi did an outstanding job in choosing over 40 incredible volunteers who became friends during my stay. We shared meals, stories, laughter, and even tears when it was time to part ways.

I didn't just observe the local culture from the sidelines; I became an integral part of it. San Cristobal is a captivating town teeming with fantastic culinary delights from all over the world.

When it came time to leave, it was like saying goodbye to a second home. This coliving experience provided me with cherished memories, valuable lessons, and friendships that will continue to be an important part of my life. This place is more than a living space; it's where you grow, learn, and find a sense of belonging.

Thank you to everyone who made my time here so memorable. I hold this place close to my heart.

Bernardo H Nov 2023 5.00

I had a wonderful time forming a community and making friends here. The staff was attentive, and the rooms were quite clean. The volunteers were incredibly helpful in showing me around San Cristobal. Laura, in particular, was a great guide and introduced me to a lesser-known church, which was a unique experience. I stayed for a month, and it was a memorable visit.

Rachel G Nov 2023 5.00

I stayed here for the whole month of May with my dog, Daisy. It was a fantastic experience, and I plan to come back. The rooms are clean and comfortable. I had a private room with a private bathroom. The space is well-thought-out, from the coworking area to the kitchen, garden for yoga, and rooftop. The community was wonderful, as were the activities and weekend outings. I worked remotely from here for the whole month; the internet was good, and I had no issues getting work done. This location was also a great stop to travel with my dog; I did lots of hiking around San Cris, and the staff were able to get me in touch with tour guides that allow for pups to come along. Overall, I would highly recommend this coliving.

Josh D Nov 2023 5.00

I stayed here for a month and absolutely loved it. The cowork space is beautiful, and I enjoyed sitting up in the treehouse watching sunsets as the clouds rolled by. The garden is gorgeous, and it’s just a short walk to the main market. It was great having a group to explore San Cris's live music, nature outings, and campfires with. You really build a good community here.

Hugo G Nov 2023 5.00

I had an incredible experience! The internet is really good, and the community truly feels more like a family. The rooms are very nice, and the garden is magical. Highly recommended!

Saskia C Nov 2023 5.00

A beautiful green oasis with a jungle vibe. When I entered, I was pretty impressed. It looks like one big tree house! It's a quiet space where you can truly relax. The facilities are good, with a gym area and a pool to cool down in. There's a small supermarket down the block to buy everything you need for your stay. It's about a 15-minute walk to the center of town, so no loud noises. I slept like a baby. I definitely recommend this place!

Nick C Oct 2023 5.00

I had an amazing time coliving here. The management was top-notch, and the social events created the perfect environment for making new friends. This coliving space is the best place I could have chosen for my stay. The coworking area was also fantastic, allowing me to stay productive and connected throughout my time here.

Guillermo R Oct 2023 4.00

I had an excellent stay here. The coworking areas are incredibly comfortable. It's a pity that they're only open to guests.

Laura A Aug 2023 5.00

I found my home away from home with this coliving space. It was such a welcoming and comfortable environment that I found myself extending my stay each month, and I'm excited to be returning soon. It offers everything a digital nomad could need and much more. The sense of community is just amazing. Much love to everyone there!

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