Coliv @ Damai Residence
Coliv @ Damai Residence

Coliv @ Damai Residence

4.2 (29 reviews)
Very good
Price from $228 / month

3.9 (19)

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About Coliv @ Damai Residence

Hassle-free living starts here!
Coliv @ Damai Residence is for like-minded individuals to live, work and network.

Coliv @ Damai Residence's latest reviews

espreedupree Oct 2021 1.00

After the price hike, Its not worth it. Pay premium prices for below average rooms

Adelaide K. Sep 2021 5.00

Perfect location with sweet people. Love this place. Will definitely come back!

David T. Sep 2021 5.00

I love this co-living space. The staff and tenants are awesome. Enjoy the company and making new friends in a safe environment. the one fee pays all is great and I also like the flexibility of the rental duration

Edward M. Aug 2021 5.00

Awesome service! love this coliving place, definitely will go there again.

4016 雯. Aug 2021 5.00

I love the coliving concept. I get to mingle around with others nationality. Thanks the community team for arranging activities for the tenants

Cheryl S. Aug 2021 5.00

Great place to stay! I get to know a lot of friends here and they organise a lot of activities for us too! Awesome!

Mujeeb R. Jul 2021 5.00


小柳大樹 Jul 2021 5.00

I had a good experience in Co-Living at Damai Residence because I made a lot of fiends. I recommended this place.

Mineyuki I. Jun 2021 1.00

The building is new with a cheap price, one of the best working/living spaces except for one thing. I have stayed in several dormitories and coliving space, Co-Coon is the noisiest space. If your floor-mate is good, you feel one of the best places and check five stars. If so bad, you will awake by louden sounds at 3:00 am or disturb your work by noisy movie sounds. It depends on your luck. I discussed the noisy issue with management and requested to change the floor. They said, "minimum noisy at midnight is allowed. If you want to change room, you need to pay 150RM". What's the minimum? Often awoken at 2:00 am-3:00 am by midnight worker's sound, is it minimum? The management should consider what customers really want? I want to concentrate on my work and sleep well enough, only that. Adding, the noise issue occurs not only on my floor but also on another floor. Basically, the building has no soundproof. I'll never stay here, it's high risk. If you want to stay here, you should add "if noisy midnight, free to change room/floor" on the contract.

Johnny A Jun 2021 4.00

Lived here for 1 year and had quite a pleasant experience as you get to meet people from all over the world. Also, I found the building/community managers to be very helpful and friendly. I think this place is especially suitable if you're looking for convenience as the 1 monthly fee includes all amenities (working, community events, etc.) and utilities (water, electricity, WiFi), short-term accommodation as the minimum stay is 3 months, and decent location as it's not too far from KLCC.

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