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About Colivia

Our mission is to build a local community in each location, enabling a comfortable life, and at the same time being offline. By providing adequate housing, we encourage people to interact with each other in a warm, friendly atmosphere, getting to know each other and networking.
COLIVIA invites everyone with an open mind, friendly, positive attitude to life who love to make new friends. This is the best solution for finding a place to live, which improves the quality of life and opens new paths of development.

Colivia's latest reviews

Emily E Sep 2021 3.00

A friend and I stayed in Colivia for three months March - June during our Erasmus studies.
Our stay was generally good, with the flat being in an okay condition.
We had some problems communicating with Colivia, seeing as the staff kept changing (we were only there for 3 months).

Karol P Sep 2021 3.00

I would recommend Colivia in every way! The hosts are very flexible and you can arrange any issue with them. The rooms are decorated cozily and nice. If you're looking for a nice place for yourself then become one of Colivian!

Maciej W Jul 2021 4.00

Coliving by COLIVIA? 3 times Yes! Hassle-free contact, professional approach to the customer and an amazing atmosphere!
I myself appreciated the coliving movement during the pandemic, the games and interpersonal contacts were completely degraded. Living in such a community is definitely a fantastic adventure (especially from the perspective of a board game fan during the next lockdown), and the way it is "served" at COLIVIA can do great things!
I definitely recommend it!

Filip C May 2021 5.00

Hassle free rental, courteous owners, high standard and quality not quantity policy. I recommend if someone is looking for a place where they will feel comfortable. There are several locations to choose from, all in high standard. I recommend

ホンダ サ Jan 2021 1.00

Everything is as it should be, Reliable and professional approach to the client I recommend it.

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