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Detroit International House

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About Detroit International House

Detroit International House offers volunteer opportunities, co-living style housing, internships, and a high school exchange program. Come experience the unique gifts and attractions of historic and storied Detroit while working, studying or living with us.

Detroit International House's latest reviews

Nanami W Nov 2021 5.00

Detroit International House was amazing! Karen and the volunteers helped me a lot.
- Cultural exchange: there are other co-livers and volunteers who are from other countries; Colombia, Italy, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Japan. I enjoyed talking with them and learned about other cultures. That was really interesting.
- Location: The house is located in a good neighborhood. It takes about 30 minutes by bus from the house to downtown. You can directly go downtown without any transfers.
- Room: The museum room was really nice. You can learn about the history of this house. I stayed in December, so the room was decorated with a Christmas tree. That was pretty.
If you love to have fun with people from other countries, I recommend you to stay at this house☺️

Cree Oct 2021 4.00

I had a great stay here. I'll come back!

Sergey S Sep 2021 5.00

Great staff and Coliving space. Highly recommend.

Murilo M Sep 2021 5.00

Honestly, this is the best house for your stay in NYC. I loved everything here and Karen is amazing! Thank you so much for help-me!

Barb D Aug 2021 5.00

The DIH house is a great coliving place for people of different cultures to meet and explore Detroit together. Everyone there is very kind and generous. I would recommend it to anyone coming to Detroit that is looking make great friends and to discover more about the city.

Francesca Z Aug 2021 5.00

Detroit International House -Jersey City was a wonderful space in an amazing location about a 30-minute bus ride from New York City And the bus stop was right outside the house! It was wonderful staying there and meeting people from China, Iran, Colombia, Ecuador, Turkey, and more, and being able to share meals each day of the week thanks to a volunteer sign-ups system the lovely manager Karen created. An intern was there to check me in and I had the opportunity to volunteer and was even invited to volunteer at their Detroit location with free housing! The bunk bed and stay were affordable at around $500-700 per month in December of 2019. I also loved all of the Indian and Arab markets near the Journal Square train station, as well as the Stop and Shop grocery store near our house.

Meester-Gratiot L Aug 2021 5.00

It was an unforgettable adventure! Wonderful coliving location. Meet new communities from all over the world, improve your English and explore New York. If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate one more minute.

Vagner C Aug 2021 5.00

The best place for living and working. You can meet people from all over the world which enables you to learn a lot of things and make friends. Everything with s good really good accommodation and ease.

Andrea M Jul 2021 5.00

The house is truly spacious and welcoming. Even in the cold winter, it's warm inside the house. Moreover, there are many convenient accessories such as the washing machine and a good kitchen. The rooms are very tidy and comfortable. The house is well connected to the city center.
I highly recommend it to everyone!

James H Jul 2021 5.00

I have been staying at the Detroit International House for over a month and it has been an incredible experience that has allowed me to not only appreciate the city of Detroit but also to meet and learn from a wide variety of interesting people.

There are so many things to recommend at DIH, from the location, which is conveniently close to public transport that allows for quick access to the downtown area of the city, a clean and comfortable living area with workspace, in-house museum, and kitchen, as well as lots of local information to help guests get a more developed understanding of Detroit's culture and history.

I would absolutely recommend staying at Detroit International House and enjoying a great slice of what this city has to offer everyone!

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