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We are a real community of ambitious, English-speaking 20-45 years old digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. We are motivated to work, grow and improve but also to have fun surrounded by mind-liked people from all over the world. It's all with the Mediterranean vibe of sunny Malta island where we live in one of two exclusives, well equipped and made for socializing coliving homes.

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Nicolas, Stéphane L. Apr 2022 4.00

That was an amazing & very rich experience. I really appreciated living in a multicultural house. The spacious common areas (big kitchen, living room, coworking space, garden) allowed us to interact easily and share some moments. There are also some spots to be alone and chill. Good sports equipment!

Bruce V Nov 2021 4.00

It's an amazing place with great people. Love living there!!

Abigail B Nov 2021 4.00

Insanely cool concept created by the hosts, getting to share cultures and experiences with incredible people from all over the world can’t be matched. I’m so happy I found coliving and that these guys gave me such a good introduction to that world.

Giuliana L Nov 2021 4.00

The spaces hosts have created go beyond being merely fun, social and comfortable coliving environments. Their vision is one centered on values of sharing, personal growth and sustainable living. You come across their honest and strong passion for the project through their care, attention and involvement in both the tenants' wellbeing and house maintenance.
I couldn't recommend a nicer place to stay if you are looking for a social environment and caring hosts.

Giuliana N Oct 2021 4.00

Beautiful house to spend some months in Malta, use of the garden and pool is a bless. Rooms are quite big and, mine(named:Italy) has a good soundproof even if can get a bit cold from the window fixtures (really enjoyable in summer).Spaces are quite big so you have the possibility to isolate yourself even outside the room, even if in the winter everything is limited to kitchen and living room on raining days. Co-living is possible in comfortable work station even if the proximity to the kitchen make it the place a bit noisy. Activities are often organized, even if mostly in the other Coliving space in San Gwan to don't disturb the neighbors. Over all is a nice experience, specially if new in Malta, to meet new people and socialize

Attila M Oct 2021 4.00

The hosts are the best in Malta, great vibe, highly recommended! Will definitely come back! See you guys soon!

Raul P Jun 2021 4.00

This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a while.What has been created in these houses is something special.*Edit: Unfortunately for some reason we cannot explain the people managing the house did not want to continue working for a good family environment in this house, they generated many conflicts with tennents and many of us decided to leave because of them, a toxic environment with the landlords is never a good thing to feel in your day to day, but the family living there remains united (so they did something good and amazing, and I believe they can continue doing so if they change their toxic attitude towards the people who live there).Advice: If you decide to rent a room there, before you pay the deposit, always take pictures of all the details and broken things, otherwise they will make you pay for it in the end using your deposit and there is nothing you can do to prove it was not you who did that damage.Also, if you feel like there is something that should be fixed in the house, you should not complain to Matt or Ola as this is what generated all the mess.Apart from that, enjoy the houses and all its perks and the number of interesting people living there whom I miss and will always remember with love and joy.

John W Jun 2021 5.00

Shared living can take many forms, and it is easy to be skeptical about these types of arrangements, but Matt and Ola have truly created more than just a place to stay.As a newbie in Malta, I immediately made good friends. The house's atmosphere is warm and positive, with a perfect balance of providing privacy when I need it and socializing when I want. There is always someone around to hang out with because Matt and Ola have a fantastic ability to find tenants who are all like-minded and with lots in common!We never get bored, collectively organizing day trips, sports, and activities, nights out together, or just hanging out in the garden with a few beers and a barbeque. In my time here, we have been on a boat trip, started dinner and movie nights in the house, joined a regular football game every week, and much more.When you live here, you get a room plus a whole lifestyle, and it is one that I really love!

feng H May 2021 5.00

You can find all you need. Felt at home. Good coliving area and the owners are very nice.

Alex Q May 2021 4.00

fraud heard lots of stories of dear Matt mot giving deposits back.

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