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Welcome to Grexter Living!
That’s exactly what we say when you visit one of our co-living spaces in Bangalore. And as soon as you step in, you are about to embrace a beautiful communal living experience. Ranging from aesthetically pleasing terrace areas to fun and game zones and the best part of all, the people.

Now, if you have seen our Spaces, you’ll know that these Co-living spaces speak for themselves. No matter where you are, as long as you are in Bangalore, we have got you covered.

We know the feeling when you receive that offer letter! You have always wanted to work in the Silicon Valley of India and people have always been telling you about the beautiful weather, the nightlife, the growth opportunities and whatnot. It would be amazing to live there all by yourself! But once the excitement subsides, this really overwhelming concern takes over. How are you going to manage the high cost of living? What kind of accommodation should you take? How will you manage the travel? Who will cook you your healing kadhi chawal when you feel under the weather? Well, we have got all these answers. So keep calm and say Grexter.
Are you ready for coliving?

Are you ready?

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