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Hacknsleep creates a friendly co-living environment and provide rooms for carefully chosen members in newly remodeled houses conveniently located in Silicon Valley since 2014.

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Алексей Л Jun 2022 5.00

The house is spacious, has a back yard with BBQ, rooms are furnished and clean, you don't have to worry about furniture or cleaning because there was professional cleaning every week. So you can just work or have fun with friendly roommates when you have time. Highly recommend this coliving place!

Andrey K Jun 2022 5.00

This coliving place is amazing. Was trying my best to find faults but there are none. The first thing I remember is how clean everything was and how wonderful the tenants were. The location is so convenient with lots of choices for food and nightlife yet it was quiet so it was impossible to not be productive. A real gem!

Anastasia C Apr 2022 5.00

Charming and clean space, with the most friendly community. It is an amazing location and my time there was very enjoyable. I look forward to coming back to the coliving house and seeing all the wonderful people living there!

AnnBolotova Apr 2022 5.00

Nice place! I really enjoyed living and working remotely here. will definitely be back next time I go!

Jacob L Mar 2022 5.00

Awesome place! Stayed here recently and had a great time. My roommates were super chill and friendly, which was great, especially during the pandemic. Everything was clean and well organized, definitely a great coliving place to stay. Would recommend!

Lilia A Feb 2022 5.00

I was staying here for 6 months and it was amazing. Life in this coliving is so comfortable, every room is already furnished and you don’t have to take furniture with you; professional cleaning is every two weeks, people are friendly and polite - so no troubles and no worries, you don’t need to think about anything! You’re just enjoying your comfortable life in this coliving, working, having fun and relaxing, meeting new people, and enjoying life. Highly recommend this place and would definitely come back in the future.

Margarita C Jan 2022 5.00

I was living at this place for 5 months and I need to say it’s perfect. What was important to me - rooms are clean and furnished, and people are friendly and hardworking, so you can work, have fun and relax at this place. Also, you have a grocery store close to the house which is nice Highly recommend it!

Jim H Dec 2021 5.00

I was living a couple of months and I absolutely love this place. Very clean and nice living space makes you feel like you home. The location also is great, especially for people who don't have a car because you can find a lot of stores and restaurants around. Also, people here very friendly and nice, I have made a few connections with startup founders and we became best friends. Recommend to visit everyone.

Ольга М Nov 2021 5.00

We enjoyed our time there tremendously and surely come back later for longer period of time

Oleg G Oct 2021 5.00

This is an amazing place that feels like home. Great colivng location, good people and friends. Nice vibes and occasional parties! Highly recommend stopping by to meet up with folks and you most likely would want to stay.

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