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Haven provides an engaging place to live, and a community which unites people with common passion for health and wellness, who are seeking growth, enrichment, and a sense of connection. We afford our Members the opportunity to further themselves, their personal interests and their careers in the locales they desire. We live in shared rooms which allows us to all and share larger common spaces such as living area, kitchen, yoga space, gym, theater room, co-working space, rooftops, and a courtyard! We gather for events where all members are invited yet never obligated.

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Mel O. Oct 2020 5.00

Good people, good beach vibes, nice setup. Great community overall

Vintij V. Oct 2020 5.00

One of the more luxurious coliving spaces. I truly appreciated the meditation/yoga room, the gym, and the coworking space. It allowed me to develop my visions and stay productive as well as grow spiritually.

Reuben H. Sep 2020 5.00

Amazing. I wish I would have known about this coliving earlier.

By M. Aug 2020 5.00

I discovered this coliving in 2019 after making the decision to move to California and begin a nomadic journey away from my “hometown” of New York City. This was the best decision of my life! This coliving started out as a social experiment for me. I wanted to meet as many human beings as possible and learn about their unique walks of life, one by one. I did just that, and in the process gained new knowledge about myself. In my time here, I made life long friends who feel more like “soul family.” I’m grateful to have experienced the special event services Haven hosts sporadically including sound bath healing, breathework, Reiki, acroyoga, vegan dinner parties, and personal growth and development workshops for remote professionals. I’m looking forward to returning to this place in the near future for the rooftop views, open courtyard features, and people.

Shireen L. Jun 2020 5.00

When I first decided to move to LA I did a virtual tour with Haven but decided that living with that many people and not having my own personal space was 100% not for me. Upon arriving in LA and the realisation of how hard and lonely it was living alone I decided to head down and check it out in person two weeks later and realised what a massive mistake I had made. As soon as I walked in I could feel the energy of the space and saw how close everyone was. Fortunately they had a space two weeks later and I moved down. Haven, without sounding dramatic, was hands down the highlight of my entire stay in America and my heart aches when I think of how much I miss all my amazing roomies! Like everything in life it is what you make it. Living with so many people seemed challenging at times but the pros always outweighed the cons and it oddly never felt like you were surrounded by many people. Most people work and have day to day lives so it really is just like living in a massive fun community. The place is stunning and I seriously miss casually strolling out to the yoga studio, gym or my fav, thr rooftops! I'd highly recommend giving this place a shot! I can't wait to be back over very soon!!

paul K. Jun 2020 5.00

So stoked I randomly decided to move here. Instant amigos aka network aka never bored. The gym was sweet and I utilized the study/workplace a lot. It never seemed too crowded and there was always a space to go if you need quiet time.

Sarah B. Jun 2020 5.00

I‘ve lived at this coliving for the past year and couldn’t speak more highly of it. I moved here from Australia and made an instant community, which turned into family. The people I’ve met have have helped me expand my mind in ways I never imagined, each person leaves a unique mark and teaches you something new (reiki, breath work, sound baths...this is just to name a few). My many housemates have given me a community with a sense of safety, stability and so so so much fun. An experience that can only really be lived to know the full unique and specialness of it.

Ari C. Apr 2020 5.00

The best experience I have had in my adult life. The transformations taking place on a daily basis are a testament to not only the coliving's powerful capacity as a home but also a community. I recommend this coliving to anyone looking for a beautiful, warm and loving space.

PJ S. Mar 2020 2.00

I lived here for a few months. Haven could be great if it’s management was more serious about running a customer centered business and attending to the needs of its tenants. Broken items stay broken, issues of cleanliness continue to be discussed but without real action or solution, maintnence items go unattended, and so on. Overall, Haven feels very much like an experimental fly-by-night operation. Management is hardly ever present or heard from and “rules” change without any official notice. Community managers who live amongst tenants continue to take feedback without taking much action. Many great ideas and solutions are advertised but most of them fall through. Overall this place was too loud, too messy, and too chaotic to live a peaceful existence. If and when management gets serious about developing a peaceful community where people can live and feel comfortable, this place may have a chance. Figure out storage, tenant management, professionalism, and maintenance instead of focusing on opening additional locations. You may be making some quick money now but will fail when competitors address these important issues.

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