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Light House Coliving Company

Light House

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Light House Coliving is a unique holiday and business trip apartment located in the modern LightHouse Business Center, opened in 2019, famous for being one of the largest coworking spaces in the Baltic States. Stylishly furnished apartments, a shared lounge and kitchen area, access to a modern work area - will let you break away from your routine, relax and create your workation in Klaipeda.

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Light House's latest reviews

Vytautas J Oct 2020

Spend a few summer months working here. Highly recommended. It's designed well, spacious and full of light.

A perfect place for your workstation.

Yeshareg B. Oct 2020

Nice Apartments so cozy place, amazing design the best place for co-working and for meeting with a team while enjoying the artwork and many more .just perfect!

arunas M. Sep 2020

Perfect place for living and working

Tomas L. Aug 2020

Very tasty dishes and inexpensive.

Gabriele Aug 2020

Coworking is cool, lots of great space to concentrate and work. Coliving, especially sleeping capsules, no longer cope with the number of people (human turnover is very high, cleanliness and hygiene suffer). I would recommend the capsule for a one or more night stay.

Donatas S. Aug 2020

Toxic two-face culture driven by administration team, full of grandiosity and demeaning covert behaviour. They will tear you down, to build themselves up (even when you are freelancing, not working for them!). Also lack of customer focus or empathy. And this is not my subjective experience. I have noticed many internationals, come and leave, as well as some locals. Plus there is a cell tower in the middle, which according to old staff member, is not really in the shadow area and does expose to higher levels of EMF (wifi equipment needed to be changed initially due to interference with cell tower). I'm super healthy and have developed tinnitus after started visiting this space for prolonged period. Advice avoid if you can, especially if looking for long-term space.

Tadas G. Aug 2020

Nice coliving with great facilities. I recommend it!

Gytis G. Aug 2020

Great coliving and coworking space. I enjoyed my stay here.

Mindaugas J. Jul 2020

Good food.

Eiva P. Jul 2020

I did an internship in this coliving and coworking space and I can say that this is my best choice! This place is ideal for live, work, improvement, self-realization, peace and making new acquaintances. The atmosphere was very nice, I felt great from day one and wanted to stay as long as possible. Thank you for your experience and friendship! I hope to see you again :)