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Niu Coliving Coliving Company
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Niu Coliving

We are a coliving designed to live in community, work creatively and grow in life together. Independent apartments with services included. Located in the Narvarte neighborhood, CDMX.

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Caro M.
Jul 2020

My boyfriend and I were the first to live in NIU and honestly, EVERYTHING is terrible!

Raul A.
Jun 2020

The place is quite small. unfortunately, its concept is not the one mentioned on the website, it is very difficult to access and the application experience is terrible, I want to imagine that they have a rather long waiting list, so that they have the luxury of to be declining interested, the deal leaves much to be desired.

Sophie M.
Oct 2019

I love it! The apartments look great.

Arq B.
Mar 2020

Everything is great. excellent!

YoLulu B.
Oct 2019

Tasteful coliving spaces, accessible ($), furnished, with services, what else could you need? you install and go.

Alan R.
Oct 2019

The apartments are incredible !!!

Aimee Z.
Oct 2019

I think it is an excellent idea to live and grow in the city if you are a foreigner.

Elsy N.
Jan 2020

What a shame to write for this kind of thing, but I think it will help them a lot to grow as a team at NIU and improve their customer service a lot.
The truth is that my experience as a possible client for the rental of a loft in NIU was LOUD (the first point to improve), from the moment that his collaborator (Cinthya) showed me the physical spaces, she was zero empathetic, communicative, persuasive, assertive and with zero skills to be able to show / sell (rent).

Arturo C.
Mar 2020

I would love to live here for the rest of my life.

Pamela N.
Jun 2020

They honestly have a very bad application process. It seems like a mess, you don't know who to deal with what. Then they ask you for a video call to "see your profile" and I don't feel like it was of much value to them. I think your research could be much better and more objective and not so "selective".