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Outpost Club Coliving Company
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Price from $750 to $1,930 / month

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Outpost Club

Outpost Club builds and manages coliving spaces in New York and San Francisco, offering affordable housing in like-minded communities with no set-up hassle.

We build connections between people by offering members access to a network of successful creatives, entrepreneurs, investors, executives and experts to help them grow their businesses and professional careers. Membership with Outpost Club includes access to professionals like web designers, legal advisors, financial strategists, marketing developers and more, while dinners, seminars and activities widen the scope of community and connections.

Outpost Club's latest reviews

Akmaral M
Nov 2020

Love this coliving location, highly attractive! I'll come back!!

Tolu A
Feb 2021

Very good coliving location and a comfortable stay. Worth every penny, I had no complaints at all. I highly recommend.

Truong N
May 2021

Marvelous coliving space and good service !!!

Luz L
Jul 2021

This coliving experience was absolutely fantastic! I would highly suggest this place!

Nikolai S
Jun 2021

I just wanted say couple of words about this coliving location: the service is really good, the staff was ready to help me at any time so many thanks to them.

Nícolas R
Nov 2019

Here I was able to hare my culture and habits with others while they taught me theirs. Many people are reclusive and lonely, but Outpost gives them the opportunity to be themselves when it offers this co-living environment - it’s magical. Hope I can be back soon!

MariaAuxiliadora L
May 2021

I’ve been living in 2 different outpost apartments and I’ve had the best experience of my life very convenient coliving locations and the most amazing roommates you could ever ask for.

Janiya C
May 2021

This is a great location for living and working. I´ll come back pretty soon.

Ananda H
May 2021

I had a great time at this coliving place! The staff was super nice and helpful. I can’t wait to go back and explore the area a little bit more!

Fede M
May 2021

Living in this coliving location was beautiful!
The building is comfortable and the staff is Amazing! you can always count on them when you need anything!