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Quinta Do Bom Despacho

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About Quinta Do Bom Despacho

Quinta Do Bom Despacho is a sustainability-driven hospitality business that connects digital nomads and provides them with a unique setting for sustainable living and working practices.
Our goal is to offer a haven where a healthy and happy community of professionals thrive – enjoying comfortable work space, free access to our eco-garden and trouble-free local services.
For our guests that means a lower cost of living, a reduced carbon footprint and an improved overall quality of life, where eco-friendly and healthy habits are the norm.

Quinta Do Bom Despacho's latest reviews

Olha V Feb 2024 5.00

Thank you for a great time here! I love all of you!

Vanessa M Jun 2023 5.00

The Perfect Blend of Community, Sustainability, Cleanliness, and Care

Staying here for a month, I immediately felt welcomed into a vibrant community. The leadership team, led by Joana and Jaime, showed a remarkable dedication to sustainability and community-building.

Their staff consistently provided exceptional care, ensuring every guest felt at home.

The place itself is a stunning historic Azorean manor that beautifully balances its historical charm with modern sustainability practices. It's clear that maintaining a low environmental impact is a central ethos.

Situated just a 10-minute walk from central Ponta Delgada and conveniently close to the highway for exploring Sao Miguel, the location couldn't be better.

The cleanliness was impressive—maintaining such high standards in a humid climate is no small task, yet every corner of the house was spotless, thanks to the diligent cleaning team.

My experience here exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional value and a wonderful start to my time in the Azores. A heartfelt thanks to everyone involved for an unforgettable stay.

Nuno A Feb 2023 5.00

Fantastic coliving space, and a commitment to the true concept of environmental sustainability. I loved the natural pool.

Adelaïde F. Feb 2023 5.00

Amazing coliving; house, amazing garden, amazing pool with frogs and small kitten playing around. The people are all very friendly too. Honestly, one of the most human and nice places I've stayed at. The place would be even better if the room doors would just have a tad bit more isolation.

Irena G Apr 2022 5.00

I had a wonderful coliving experience in this historical mansion where the concept of sustainability is mastered. Beautiful and tranquil natural swimming pool, plenty of gardens - sensory herbal one, a lot of vegetables and fruits, orchard gardens with banana trees, maracuja, kiwi, and even own coffee bushes...plenty of nooks and corners in the grounds where one can just relax and savor the unique atmosphere...Highly recommended if seeking escape from the daily routine and find mindfulness...The cats, the froggies, and the birds will accompany you during your stay at this finest establishment.

Sabrina G Oct 2021 4.00

A very conscious aproach to a sustainable and mindful workplace or place of rest

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