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Union spaces are driven by the philosophy of “Embrace more, Collectively”. While you join this global movement of reimagining renting, Union Spaces are in order to connect and inspire you with individuals from diverse backgrounds. The experience revolves around chopping, chatting unwinding in shared kitchens to spending some you-time in your private space.

We understand the zeal with which youngsters move into the new city. Curiosity to explore the new place and challenges in embracing the change. Aspirational foresight to break the limits and becoming exceptional. Anxiety for stepping out of your hometown (a.k.a. comfort zone) and excitement to taking the next "big" step in the career.
But this promising upward journey might go downhill if your housing and meals become a burden more than the necessity.
Combining the basic needs, food and shelter, we promise to deliver the most desirable living experiences to the youth. We enable the students/working professionals to focus entirely on their goals as we take care of: maintenance, repairs, housekeeping services, cleaning regime, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking meals, food delivery.
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Are you ready?

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