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Coliving destinations in Russia


Coliving in Moscow

A city full of secrets, Moscow’s charm lies in its mysterious vibe. Adventurous and city-loving digital nomads will find that walking along the culture-rich and paved streets of Moscow makes it a must-visit coliving spot.

For these historical spots, the Red Square is the heart of Moscow. It’s one of the city’s most visited spots and it’s where most of Moscow’s history unfolded. The cobblestone structure used to hold a market square where locals of olden times used to trade goods.

For travelers and digital nomads who love to shop, you should never miss the GUM. It’s one of the country’s main department stores and the fascinating interiors make you feel like you were transported back to a hundred years ago. Don’t be fooled, however, as this 126-year old structure houses modern and luxury brands!

Moscow is also filled with parks and museums, and you’ll find that these destinations are perfect for afternoon walks after a day of hustling it out in your coliving space.

Fun facts about Moscow:

- Moscow is Russia’s largest country
- The city is considered to be a billionaire capital as it has the most number of billionaires in the world
- The world’s largest university building can be found in Moscow State University
- The first man to go to space, Yuri Gagarin, is buried in Moscow
- Only 2% of Moscow’s population are locals
- There’s an underground river in Moscow
- The largest bell in the world can be found in Moscow
- Moscow is one of the most expensive places to live in the world
- The Red Kremlin, a famous destination in Moscow was once painted white
- The oldest tram in Moscow dates back to 1899

If you want to witness the vibrance of Europe, Moscow is one of the cities that you should definitely try coliving in. Having been in existence for more than 800 years now, every time you step outside feels like you’re walking back in time and witnessing a major part of Russia’s history.