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Coliving in Pembroke

Pembroke is Malta's newest town. Small but historically rich the lays in the Northern region. The town is small but ideally located if you are interested in a quieter coliving destination. No matter where you are in Malta, nothing is too far away, and Pembroke isn't any different. With a population of just over 3,000, it is perfect for some peace, quiet, and fresh air.

Pembroke was formerly a British military base, greatly helping the town to what it is today. It afforded the town a school, cemetery, and even a hospital. There are still many buildings from the British era standing today, amongst them are two watchtowers built by the knights that can be seen from the water.

The town is mostly residential but has an impressive focus on schools and educational institutes, with several located in town. Pembroke is also well-known among language students who often come to the town to stay with host families.

Like most of Malta, the town is lined with a stunning and mostly rocky coastline, which emphasizes the town's green pastures. Home to many endangered plants, the town is well looked after by its residents and visitors alike.

Malta has many breathtaking diving spots allowing one to experience the clear water and beautiful world beneath. With some of the oldest structures in the world, it is hard to go anywhere in Malta without appreciating its beautiful architecture. The cuisine is fantastic, with something for everyone.

Paceville, which is known as the hub for nightlife in Malta, is just to the east of Pembroke. With a bustling nightlife, restaurants, and cafes, it is an experience like no other. Coliving in Pembroke is for those looking for something off the beaten path but with more beauty and history than you know what to do with.

Here are some fun facts about Pembroke:

- Most Maltese people speak Maltese, English, and Italian fluently
- Malta, in general, is exceptionally safe, and no matter who or where you are, you always tend to feel safe
- With a population of 450,000, it's hard to believe that Malta has approximately 300,000 registered vehicles. The Maltese are generally relaxed, and a car certainly makes that easier
- In Malta, there are 359 churches
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