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Coliving in Anderlecht

Anderlecht is a nice municipality in the Brussels-Capital Region. Still in the city, it provides a nice, quieter space for remote workers to enjoy their coliving adventure.

Being a Northern European Coastal city, Anderlecht has warm, sunny summers around with daytime highs in the mid-70s, with cool nights in the mid-50s. Winters are cold and cloudy, with days around the low 40s and nights dropping to the low 30s.

Soccer fans rejoice! The town is home to the RSC Anderlecht. The country’s most successful team in European competition has been posting great wins since the late 1940s. The Abattoir of Anderlecht is a slaughterhouse open since the late 1800s and is the economic center of the city. It’s a great place to visit because the local flea market has grown substantially around it. The city boasts several churches and museums, one of which includes a brewery.

With integration into Brussels’s comprehensive transit network, coliving navigation here is easy. The best ways to get around are by subway, bus, and tram. A ride into Brussels is around 20 minutes to enjoy the many things the capital has to offer. Taxis are available but only necessary after 11 pm. The city is also very bike-friendly. Rail options are available and affordable for travel out of the capital district or into neighboring countries.

Belgians eat a very high amount of red meat and this is often found in their cuisine. It’s common to find fries with your meal here, such as mussels and fries (moules-frites) and steak with fries (steak-frites).

Here are some fun facts about Anderlecht:

- It is legally bilingual in French and Dutch
- Traces of human activity here date back to the stone age, but it is not mentioned in any literature until the year 1047
- There is a statue of Jean-Claude Van Damme near the Westland Shopping Center.