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Coliving in Leuven

Leuven is the eighth-most populated city in Belgium and one of the oldest student cities. Remote workers come here to enjoy coliving in a beautiful city but avoiding the hordes of tourists.

The city’s most known building is the town hall, featuring amazing gothic architecture and 235 statues. As a city with a lot of history, there are plenty of museums, gardens, and gothic churches to admire. Although winters are cold, the Christmas markets make it worth it for great shopping, food, and drink.

Leuven has cold winters and warm summers. The moderate climate pays off in summer when there’s little rain and it’s never too hot to go outside and enjoy the city.

With many areas closed to cars, commuting by bike is the best way to go. One year after closing some downtown roads to cars, cycle commuters increased by 32 percent - a huge win for health and road congestion! Busses and trains are great for getting around outside of the city center.

You can enjoy quality meals and affordable prices in the Grote Markt. Simply a road of over 35 bars, locals call the Old Market the longest bar in the world. There’s no shortage of variety for digital nomads enjoying coliving here, with cuisine options including Chinese, Italian, and Syrian.

Here are some fun facts about Leuven:

- It’s home to KU Leuven, the country’s largest university, which opened in 1425 - 1 in 4 residents here is a student
- The university library was burned town during German occupation ion 1914 and has been rebuilt twice
- Leuven is also home to the world's oldest catholic university
- Weekends here can get considerably quiet because many local students go home to visit their families
- It is the headquarters of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer of beer
- Nearing its 100th anniversary, Stella Artois was first brewed here and still is - Stella, meaning ‘star’ was at first only sold at Christmas to Leuven locals