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Coliving in Athens

Athens – Greece’s bustling capital – attracts visitors from all over the world. Although Athens is a bit more expensive than the rest of Greece, it is still reasonably affordable compared to other E.U. capitals. This makes it an ideal location for digital nomads looking for coliving accommodation. Boasting fast Internet, nearby coastlines and beaches, a reputation of being safe and a steady rise in the start-up culture, it’s easy to see why it’s become a popular choice for remote workers. Athens has so much to offer – from its world-renowned culture, historically
significant sites, and mouth-watering Mediterranean food. There will always be somewhere to explore, and there will always be delicious cuisine to try – so it’s the perfect place to recharge your batteries after a long workday or work night. Whether you are a fan of seeing ancient historical sites or visiting the awe-inspiring museums, Athens will surely captivate you. It really is a perfect location for anyone considering coliving in Greece.

Here are some fun facts about Athens:
- One of the oldest cities in the world dating back to 3000bc
- Its population is 3 million
- Known to be the birthplace of democracy and Western civilization
- The first modern day Olympics were held here in 1896 and again in 2004
- The ancient Olympic games were held in Olympia, but Athens had rival games called the Panathenaic games
- Athens has the most theatrical stages in the world
- During the construction of the Athens Metro, 50,000 artifacts were excavated. Some of them are displayed in the metro stations.
- It is believed that the city was named after the goddess of wisdom, Athena
- The first museum of modern art to appear in Athens opened in 2000.

It’s easy to see why so many digital nomads are choosing Athens as their ideal destination – coliving is truly thriving here.
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