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Badung Regency
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Coliving in Bali

With its stunning scenery, laidback local life, numerous islands and wonderful food, it’s easy to see why nomads from all over the world come to Bali to work remotely. Bali is an extremely popular choice, with numerous coworking and coliving spaces throughout.
It’s a surfer’s paradise too, with several beaches boasting wonderful waves. Spectacular sunsets and numerous traditional festivals bring colour and joy to anyone visiting and living here. Be sure to visit some of the forests, lakes and stunning mountains aswell.
Foodies will love it here. Balinese cuisine is incredible – suckling pig, known as babi guling, is a must-try dish. Vegetarians, vegans and seafood lovers will be thrilled with the range of food on offer.
Without a train or bus system, it’s best to travel around by scooter, pushbike or taxi. When you are not working, why not visit one of the many surrounding islands – there are a few where the only mode of transport is a horse and cart.
Bali truly is a haven for remote workers – the accommodation ranges from budget to luxurious, and the island understands the demand for fast Internet. The expat community is extremely welcoming and it’s easy to settle in quickly.

Fun Facts:
As a guest in a local home, leaving some food on your plate indicates you are done.
One day a year, the whole island falls silent for the Hindi celebration called Nyepi – "The Day of Silence".
Balinese people have one of four names – Wayan (first born), Made (second born), Nyoman (third born) or Ketut (fourth born).
Babies aren't allowed to touch the ground until they are three months old.
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