Why coliving for couples is on the rise

Why coliving for couples is on the rise

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Coliving spaces are perfect for couples looking for flexible accommodation, serviced units, and a community to call their own.

Contrary to popular belief, entering a relationship doesn’t mean you will never feel lonely. It’s human nature to crave a nurturing social circle comprised of friends of your own as well as a community that you can share with your partner.

And this is especially true when you’re moving to a new city or neighborhood. Putting yourself out there and meeting new people can be daunting when everything around you feels unfamiliar.

Thus, when a couple moves into a coliving space, they can connect collectively with others within a welcoming community. 

Of course, there are many other reasons why coliving is excellent for many couples. It can help them save on costs, enjoy the freedom that a flexible lease brings, eliminate the need to search for and buy furniture, and remove the burden of managing household chores alone. 

In this article, we’ll explain how to choose a coliving space as a couple, the benefits of staying in a coliving space with your partner, and how to integrate into the community with your loved one successfully.

How to choose a coliving space as a couple

Whether you’re moving to a new city, trying out a new neighborhood, traveling together, or working remotely, there are many reasons why couples may be interested in moving into a coliving space.

The great news is there are tons of coliving spaces to choose from. On Coliving.com, you can find coliving spaces all over the world. And out of the dozens of choices in America, the top three most popular coliving destinations in the States are San FranciscoNew York, and Los Angeles

Once you know where you want to live, you have to decide how you want to live. And to do that, you have to sort through your priorities. 

Choosing a room

Coliving spaces often offer two accommodation styles: shared rooms and private rooms. 

Shared rooms mean you sleep in a room with several other beds. They are an excellent catalyst for roommate bonding as it’s often relatively easy to start a conversation with people you share an intimate space with. While this is a good option for many, it may not provide the privacy that couples crave. 

Coliving for couples, shared rooms for privacy

Most couples, therefore, opt for the private room option as it gives them an intimate space to call their own. This allows couples to socialize with the group as much as they want while having a place to retreat when they’d like some alone time.

Plus, splitting the cost of a private room with your partner leaves more room in your budget for living your life.

Finding your community type

There are also many different types of co-living communities. Some managed spaces are geared towards startups and young professionals, others attract artists and creatives, and many more accept a diverse crowd regardless of profession or specialty.

On Coliving, you can easily scroll through the offerings in your preferred location to see what options are available.

We’ve chosen three examples from our listings based on the most popular locations in the U.S:

San Francisco

The Bay Area in the heart of Silicon Valley sits a home that advertises Coliving for Valley Newcomers, Travelers and Coders


HackerHome @Coliving.com

The hosts, a company called Hackerhome, often organize community nature outings, family dinners, and pitch events for those looking to grow their network. They also have a separate coworking space in the home, which is incredibly convenient for remote workers and startups.

Like all coliving spaces, it includes heaps of amenities for free, such as WiFi, laundry, aircon, cleaning services, toilet paper, and much more.

Los Angeles

The Harvard House in Melrose Hill welcomes “all passionate artists looking to further their careers in creative industries.”

UP(ST)ART @Coliving.com

The company that runs this coliving space, UP(ST)ART, has built an inspiring community of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, and more who enjoy learning from one another. The hosts put on weekly activities for their residents, such as acting classes, dance lessons, and regular family dinners.

All of these hosted events and the standard coliving add-ons are included in your rental fee. 

New York

Anyone looking to move to NYC is welcome in Outpost Club – Bed-Stuy House in Brooklyn. Outpost Club runs this space and focuses on creating a community that offers its residents personal and professional networking opportunities. 

This house is special because each room has access to its private bathroom. As a couple, you may want to keep an eye out for coliving spaces like this one that offers private bathrooms attached to your room.

Outpost Club @Coliving.com

Included in your rental fee, you’ll also get access to the standard amenities, a coworking space within the unit, plus coffee, tea, and soda free of charge.

Picking your perks

Just as there are several different community types, coliving spaces vary depending on their benefits. 

While all of them provide the standard amenities discussed above, such as WiFi, utilities, and cleaning, some go even further by offering additional benefits. These may include coworking spaces, a gym, a spa, parking, access to networking events, a swimming pool, and more. 

Once you decide what matters the most to you as a couple, you can sort through our listings by price, bedroom type, and facilities to find a match in your price range.

The benefits of staying in a coliving space with your partner

Times are changing, and most millennials don’t dream of a house with a white picket fence that their parents aspired to have. Further, mobility is critical with remote jobs and traveling for work becoming more mainstream each day.

Flexible leases

Coliving spaces are unmatched regarding flexibility and freedom for their residents. While traditional leases are often 1 year long and hard to break, coliving spaces don’t force you to commit to a length of stay. You can move in or out whenever you please.

This is tremendous for couples who aren’t ready to settle into one place. For example, if you have remote jobs, you can test out many cities or countries together to see how they feel. If you love the location, you can stay as long as you like. Or, conversely, move out after a week or a month if the vibe isn’t right.

Furnished accommodation

There’s nothing better than walking into a fully furnished household; all the hard work is done for you!

This is perfect for couples who aren’t ready to make big purchases or don’t want to be burdened with lugging their furniture around every time they move. Furnished accommodations can save you tons of time shopping for household items and take some weight off your shoulders, literally and figuratively.


When you add up the perks included in your rental fee, a coliving home is, on average, cheaper than electing a traditional lease option. And it’s far more affordable than homeownership.

Not only can it save you money in terms of rental payments, but it saves you money on furniture, household appliances, home/apartment upkeep, maintenance fees, and cleaning services. As finances can be a significant stressor in a relationship, saving money is a huge perk.

Shared chores

Sharing chores with a household full of people removes the burden of delegating cleanup duties to your loved one. 

Most, if not all, coliving spaces offer professional cleaning services in common areas with varying schedules. But, even if cleaning services come in every few days, dishes can pile up quickly when you live in a house with 10+ other people.

So, living in a space where everybody pitches in means that the chores usually get done faster, giving you more time to relax with your housemates and partner. 

How to successfully integrate into the community with your loved one

When you move into a coliving space, you can gain an instant group of friends that soon become a treasured community. But, like everything else in life, it takes work.

As a couple, it’s essential that you commit to socializing with the group as well as spending time alone together. Anybody in a relationship understands how easy it is to pass on a night out in favor of staying in and watching a movie. 

But just because you always have somebody to do things with doesn’t mean you should ignore the social opportunities that come your way.

Commit to making an effort

When you agree to move into a coliving environment, you’re choosing to join a social network. This means that when you move in, you should make an effort to spend time with the other residents. 

After all, part of the coliving mantra is community alongside individuality, and the community thrives when every member participates in activities. So, make sure you attend several hosted events, and perhaps take it one step further and organize an outing or two yourselves.

This doesn’t mean you must attend every event—some people are more social than others. But it does mean that you should go the extra mile when you can. Because when it comes to coliving, the more you give, the more you get.

Branch out

Now that you’ve moved into this fantastic coliving society together don’t forget that you can, and should, still embrace your separate interests within the community. 

Perhaps you’re a fitness buff, and your partner isn’t that into working out. If that’s the case, join your other housemates at a gym session and maybe develop a routine with them. 

As important as it is to spend time together within the community, it’s just as important to spend time apart. Getting to know other community members as individuals and as a couple can expand your horizons and help you grow your network.

Wrapping up

Coliving isn’t only couple-friendly; it’s full of benefits for people in relationships. Couples can save money and time, reduce stress, and gain an inspiring network. 

The flexibility that coliving affords means that couples can move from place to place without worry and cater to whatever lifestyle works best for them. 

Our worldwide properties are verified, and our comprehensive booking system makes it easy to find precisely what you’re looking for as a couple. Are you ready to find the perfect coliving home together? Check out our listings today.

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