4.8 (51 reviews)
Price from $900 to $1,500 / month
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About Hackerhome

New to the Valley? Transitioning to the area? HackerHome can help.
We often organize family dinners, pitch events, and nature outings. You'll also have a chance to connect with current guests and grow your network in Silicon Valley.
All utilities are included and free WIFI.
Clean linens/bedding, pillow and blanket are provided.
Why would someone say light cooking? Home prepped meals really warms up the house and it's encouraged.

Hackerhome's latest reviews

Perry Nov 2021 5.00

This is truly a magical place...what I thought would be a budget-saving, cramped home full of people going about their own separate lives turned out to be one of the warmest communities I’ve ever met, full of driven, fun, and sociable individuals. Indeed, I left this place with great memories, friends, and a new take in coliving.

Anastasia Jul 2021 5.00

Amazing mix of people and you can’t beat the location. Can’t wait to come back.

Alyce Jul 2021 5.00

The hospitality and kindness of fellow travelers, artists, techies, researchers, and students was unbelievable! I never know what to expect coming back, but each time is unforgettable. If given the option of staying here or staying at a hotel, I would pick here any day. This is what makes Silicon Valley amazing.

Leila Jul 2021 3.00

I joined that coliving home as a medical student doing a rotation at Stanford. It was a great location, but it was absolutely impossible to get work done at home since there were pretty much always at least a dozen other people around. Thankfully, I had access to Stanford's libraries, but if you are someone who values quiet, cleanliness, alone time, and uninterrupted sleep, this is not the place for you. If you like having lots of friendly, interesting, young people around and a sort of built-in friend group, this place is great. Overall, for me, I would not stay here again, though I do value the friendships I made! If you're a college student here for a summer internship with the financial means to stay in a bunk bed for almost $2K a month, this place is great.

Momachi Jun 2021 5.00

Wonderful sense of community. Guaranteed to make wonderful friends from all over the world. I came to stay for a few months and deciding to stay for many more months to come. Never had a better coliving experience!

Andrew May 2021 5.00

Fabulous host and convenient stay! Highly recommend

Na J. May 2021 5.00

I stayed at HH in Menlo during my internship at Stanford. It was my first experience with coliving space for such a long period (2 months). I am really glad that I found HH. I met lots of new friends and great people with amazing ideas. It was really motivating. The house was clean and equiped with anything you could need for cooking and washing clothes etc.

Eloise Mar 2021 5.00

I was 24 weeks pregnant when I stayed in a bunk at the hacker house in Menlo, so I was hesitant at first - but this ended up being a real highlight of my trip. I stayed for 2.5 weeks and found all the guests to be super respectful of one another, kind, and interesting people to talk to. The house was kept really clean and their communal areas were great to work in.

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