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Coliving is a modern form of shared housing for like-minded people to live, work and play together. Fully furnished, specially-designed living spaces create an inspiring environment for people to interact and share experiences.
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Destinations in Morocco

About Casablanca

A major financial hub of Africa, Casablanca in Morocco is a trendy location for digital nomads and their coliving communities. Its region boasts about 7 million people, and its port continues to support Casablanca’s position as a center of industry, import, and export, as well as the primary base for Morocco’s navy. Other regional inhabitants call Casablanca “Ad-dar Al-Bida,” which is in another dialect. Those native to the city, it's international inhabitants, and tourists often simply call the city “Casa.” Casablanca has a major history of French and Portuguese conquest, most notable in its present architecture. Presently, Casablanca is a site or excitement and development. Digital nomads find themselves inspired by the beautiful Casablanca coastline, its extensive bus network and fishing. To navigate Casablanca, you’ll want to brush up on basic Arabic and French.

Interesting facts about Casablanca:
- The city is home to Africa’s first skyscraper, Immeuble Liberte, constructed in 1949.
- Casablanca hosted the Mediterranean Games in 1983.
- The city’s nickname is “the breadbasket of Morocco” due to its food production- rich location in the Chawiya Plain.
- 44 percent of Morocco’s industrial production happens in Casablanca.
- There is a long history of Sephardic Judaism in Casablanca. While a synagogue was destroyed in an earthquake back in 1755, the Jewish Cemetery of Casablanca remains, as well as the Moroccan Jewish Museum. This is the only museum for Judaism in the Arab world.
- Casablanca has a public university (University of Hassan II Casablanca) and two private institutions (Université Mundiapolis and Université Internationale de Casablanca).
- It took over six years for 6,000 builders to complete the Hussan II Mosque in Casablanca. It was completed in 1993.
- The Corniche is a great place to go for boardwalk entertainment, clubs, restaurants, and the beach.

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