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Coliving in Mountain View

Mountain View

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Coliving in Mountain View

In the heart of Silicon Valley lies its center, Mountain View. Its namesake is the Santa Cruz Mountains. This is a perfect coliving spot for anyone with an interest in the history of computing.

There are some recommendable spots to check out whilst working in the city, such as the Computer History Museum, where visitors can be taken on a journey through the history of computing. As it’s filled with educational and interactive displays, you’ll want more than a few hours to work your way through it. If after all that learning you want to have some fun, why not take some photos with the Google Android Lawn Statues? Their striking bright green color makes for any good photo, silliest pose wins.

For a more outdoors focused activity, walk along the Stevens Creek Trail but try to avoid peak commuting hours, as it’s a popular pathway home for many workers. Better yet, try to catch some wind at the famous Shoreline Kite Flying Park. All types of kites and skillsets are seen here. And there’s also a nice café to get some remote work done too.

If food is your thing, then Mountain View is the place to stay, and Castro Street, the place to eat. A global hub of food, from Korean to Mongolian, and from French to Greek. No taste buds will go unused. For nomads who enjoy cooking themselves, then a visit to the famous farmers, held every Sunday morning is a no-brainer. You’ll be able to pack your coliving fridge full and even grab a bunch of colorful flowers to brighten your room.

The biggest downside of Mountain View is the cost. Due to its location, your room will no doubt cost you a pretty penny but for those traveling with the intent to do business in the area, the proximity to key tech businesses and super-fast Internet is a great spot to be in.

Fun facts about Mountain View:

- Mountain View grew initially due to its plentiful Vineyards
- Only 74,066 people live in Mountain View
- Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory produced the first silicon semi-conductor devices here in 1956
- Mountain View is at the heart of what is now known as ‘Silicon Valley’

What is coliving?

Coliving is a new trend amongst millennials for renting shared apartments. Whether you're moving to Mountain View for work or just looking for a new apartment, coliving in Mountain View is a good way to save money and live with like-minded people. Co-living places people from different backgrounds together and encourages them to interact, collaborate and form new friendships. When compared to dorms, coliving is much more attractive, since it's relatively inexpensive, all-inclusive and allows you to rent a furnished room with an individual lease.

Why book coliving in Mountain View?

Looking for a room for rent in Mountain View? Look no further! offers quality, trusted coliving spaces in Mountain View with all the amenities you need - and we offer them all at an affordable price. Finding the perfect coliving space in Mountain View is easy and convenient. New residents can explore a variety of rooms online and apply for a spot that fits their needs. All coliving spaces in Mountain View include furniture and amenities in the same bill.