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Mokrin House Coliving Company

Mokrin House

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Mokrin House is a coworking and coliving space located in the north of Serbia. It is a modern and urban spot in a rural surrounding. We will take full care of you, providing 3 yummy, homemade, healthy meals per day, a big desk for you to work on and a comfortable bed for the best sleep you have had in a long time.

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Mokrin House's latest reviews

Natasa P. Jul 2020

A beautiful coliving place.I'll recommend it! ❤

Marinko P. Mar 2020

Such a great coliving place. Although the theme of the gathering was a bit dry and boring, the ambience, service and especially dedicated staff completely changed the experience of the gathering. A scum that deserves all the praise and recommendations to intentional travelers but to others. It is no wonder that the famous Orient Express stopped near this place, because the endless plain and blissful peace simply relax all those who know what to expect from others, but also expect themselves.

Oliver S. Feb 2020

The right coliving place for cyber nomads. Great team, pleasant atmosphere, delicious food.

Darko K. Jan 2020

This coliving is spacious and tidy. Feel at home here.

Aleksandra B. Jan 2020

Seems like perfect coliving place for freelancers. Has all amenities and cool surroundings. Would love to live and work from there

Tanja V. Dec 2019

A wonderful experience! For every recommendation!

Mia P. Nov 2019

It's beautiful. Arranged worldwide. It has positive energy and is a perfect place to live and work. I recommend it

Bernie M. Nov 2019

Such a wonderful coliving. I feel like home when I stayed here.

Darko J. Nov 2019

Their essence is: you come as a guest, you go as a friend. Whole truth!

Aleksandar L. Nov 2019

First rural coliving and coworking space in Serbia. Getaway from the busy city atmosphere. Take your time and plan a couple of days at least to fully enjoy your time. All in all, impressive!