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Tripalink Coliving Company


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Price from $950 to $1,749 / month

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Tripalink is a Co-Living Community based company that strives to bring students, professionals, and like-minded individuals together. Tripalink offers communities across the United States. Each of the units come fully furnished, amenities, and utilities all included.

Tripalink's latest reviews

njaekaanneilellea S. Oct 2020

This company’s hiring staff is blatantly ignorant. Assuming English is not one’s native language JUST BECAUSE of a foreign-sounding name. How pathetic.

Krunaal T. Oct 2020

On paper, This place seems too good to be true. An affordable, fully furnished apartment near USC, and with state of the art facilities like an in-house washer, dryer, a massive TV in the living room, fingerprint locks on all doors, and the list goes on. In reality, I feel the idea behind
the vision for coliving spaces is great, but the execution is where the ball drops. My apartment building is a recent construction and is infested with ants. They have cut corners on a lot of important stuff, including the absence of a water line for the refrigerator, which has a water dispenser built-in. The management needs to do a lot in terms of customer satisfaction and needs to live up to the image trying to be portrayed in the brochure. The rooms and attached private bathrooms are actually quite good and spacious. Weekly cleaning of the apartments has started, although delayed for the 1st 2 months of my lease due to the pandemic. Our property manager, Kyle O'Sullivan is the main reason I am giving this company a 3-Star rating. He has been on top of all the maintenance requests, been super helpful, and has personally come and patched up a lot of stuff In my apartment. (Which is not his job, and I have seen him take the trash out too.). As I said before, the apartment is great but not as good as was advertised. Lack of a Dishwasher and Built-in Oven in the Kitchen. (They did provide a portable one, but I failed to understand why the apartment below me had these and ours did not.). Lack of a water line for the refrigerator is a real issue, as we have to resort to packaged water and filters for clean water, when we have a fridge capable of doing so.

Divya C. Oct 2020

I was glad to see a private room with an attached bath being offered at such an affordable price near USC. And that's why I signed the lease. Best: The building manager "Kyle" is the only reason I have some trust in the services of Tripalink. He has been extremely helpful, understanding, and apologetic for the extreme initial non-sense here! He always responds to complaints almost immediately and goes beyond to help. These 3 stars are only because of him and his help. Goods: Private room(spacious), utilities are taken care of, steal deal rent, TV, in-unit washer dryer, weekly cleaning service (although only once so far!), proximity to Food4Less, shuttle (never used), emails/complaints are responded to (may be after multiple inquiries but are definitely heard), lock system Bads: But having moved here and lived for 2 months, I have experienced multiple issues here like mismatch in advertised services vs actual facilities in the apartment, no dishwasher, no gas for initial 3 weeks, no garbage disposal in the sink, no oven, no counter space in the kitchen, ant infestation (no permanent solution even after multiple complaints) above all the entire building shakes every time someone opens any door on any floor. Management needs multiple complaints to fix basic issues. This is 1534 W 35th Street for you.

Dante. D Aug 2020

I’ve met so many interesting people through their events! It has made it so much easier for me to make fun weekend plans. This coliving offers the best of both worlds, opportunities to meet people outside of my classmates, and privacy when I need it.

A B. Aug 2020

Amazing experience. Super quick and easy.

Anna L. Aug 2020

I come for New york and study at USC. Lucas helped make this stressful cross country move an easy experience. Thanks for his patience, and helped me so much. The building is beautiful, and I highly recommend to live here if you go to USC.

Camilla R. Aug 2020

Good and safe neighborhood. Very sweet to organize various events in the community.

Joanna E. Aug 2020

Smart idea to have shuttle bus outside of the DPS area. Rent is lower and apartment is brand-new.

Lisa Aug 2020

My friends and I have been living here for over a year now. It's an independent house near campus, but we still got chances to participate in several community events of the coliving community. Loved the Yacht Party at long beach. Great experience!

Marylou F. Aug 2020

This has been my home in Los Angeles for 2 years now. The location is one of the best things about this place. Love here so much! I had a wonderful time during my study in Los Angeles.