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About Weave Living

Weave Living‘s mission is to provide comfortable, convenient and well-priced homes for millennials and young professionals. We strive to build closely-knit communities where residents enrich their lives by sharing experiences and inspiring each other to achieve their goals.

Our drive is the challenge that affects young people in many major cities in Asia: good quality, personal, and affordable living spaces are out of reach, adding significant stress to life. Most suitable alternatives are either far from social and professional hotspots or require compromising on independence, which hinders meaningful social interaction and avenues for personal growth.

Weave Co-Living was founded in 2017. The idea of bringing this innovative rental accommodation concept to the region had been percolating in our founder’s mind for some time. After defining Weave’s mission, he took the plunge into the start-up world and shortly thereafter raised a seed funding round to create our first co-living community, Weave on Boundary, in Hong Kong. In November 2018, we received a large investment from leading global private equity firm Warburg Pincus to expand our offering throughout Asia Pacific. We are very excited about our brand and look forward to bringing our fresh perspective on collaborative living to a city near you!
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