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Woozoo started its business in 2012 as a social venture to provide affordable housing for young people in Seoul, South Korea. Many young people come to a big city with big dreams but just like many other megalopolises, single-hoseholds in their 20s and 30s of Seoul are suffering from outrageous rent of the city with lack of quality housings; which leaves no other choice but shabby, tiny rooms with security hazard. The loneliness and the sense of isolation in the big city naturally follow which became a huge social problem.
Woozoo was born to propose a solution to it with a form of social-housing in which the young can enjoy their lives in Seoul not only with more spaces shared but the sense of belonging to a community. Woozoo has been providing a new type of residential experiences for more than 750 people so far as extending its branches till 50th as of January 2017; which makes it the biggest and fastest growing social-housing company in South Korea. It is targeting to open 100th branch within this new fiscal year of 2017; also planning a construction of its own coliving spaces to present and establish social-housing community and culture in Seoul.
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