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Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic might be a top tourist destination but it is possible and affordable to work here in some of the many coliving and coworking spaces.

From busy city life to a tranquil beach setting, remote workers can find their perfect location from which to explore the Caribbean.

Santo Domingo, the capital and a UNESCO World Heritage site, and trendy Las Terrenas right by the beach are both popular destinations for digital nomads from all over the world.

Here are some fun facts about the Dominican Republic:

- About 10.5 million people live in the Dominican Republic.
- Santo Domingo is the oldest capital of the ‘new world’.
- It was once a country of pirates.
- Today over 25% of the country is protected as national parks.
- Visitors can enjoy a sheer endless variety of water sports such as kite surfing, fishing, diving, and snorkeling as well as kayaking and water skiing and more.
- 2,000 – 3,000 humpback whales come to its northeastern coast every year.
- Sugarcane is the main industry in the Dominican Republic. Tobacco and coffee are also grown here.
- It is always summer in the Dominican Republic.
- Baseball is the biggest sport here.
- Over 3,000 people climb its Pico Duarte Mountain every year.
- The Merengue dance was invented here.
- The Dominican Republic has a lot of unique wildlife such as the palmchat bird and even a gemstone that can’t be found anywhere else.
- Local delicacies include sancocho stew with 7 types of meat, twice-fried plantain, and plantain mash with eggs, cheese, and a local type of salami.

The slow pace of life allows remote workers to truly relax on a paradise island after work and to head straight out into untouched nature after closing their laptops or enjoy a rum-based drink under the palm trees between the perfect blue-green sea and bright white sandy beaches.
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