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Coliving in Manila

Manila makes a great destination for those who like the fast-paced city life while still having the Philippines’ breath-taking beaches within their reach. Being situated amidst the country’s main metropolitan hub, the coliving trend is already well-established in this city. Other than how modernized and accessible Manila is, this city has a lot of hidden gems. For one, a plethora of established and thriving businesses are scattered all over the city. This means that good cuisine, extravagant shopping malls and exciting destinations are always within easy reach. To top it all off, going to and from one place to another won’t be a problem as you are given an option of five modes of public transportation to choose from – taxis, buses, trains, tricycles and jeepneys. For those who are considering coliving in Manila, it might be worth noting that one thing Filipinos are best known for is how hospitable and accommodating they really are. This makes them the perfect coworking “officemates” for someone who feels like remote work can be lonely at times.

Here are a few things worth noting about Manila:
- Manila is the capital of the Philippines
- For those who would like to get a taste of history, this modern city actually houses some of the Philippines’ most historical spots. Intramuros and Escolta are the places to be if you’d like to get a taste of the country’s past.
- The Baroque-designed San Agustin Church, a UNESCO world heritage site, can be found in the city
- The country’s first bank was established in Manila back on 1 st August 1851

It’s no wonder Manila became one of the go-to hotspots of digital nomads. With the hospitable locals, convenient transportation and the low cost of coliving accommodation, this city makes a great option for remote workers looking for a suitable next destination.