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The Coliving Scene in the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco really does have it all. It has the second-highest population density in the entire country, with only the city of New York beating it. The city has so much to offer, with an enticing array of high-quality restaurants, a wealth of culture and rich history. Most of the major tech companies are located here and that draws in digital nomads, online entrepreneurs and innovative minds looking to launch their start-ups. It’s no wonder why the San Francisco Bay Area became the number one destination for coliving spaces, online professionals and remote workers. 

Before we delve into the coliving scene in the area, let’s first talk about what the Bay Area has to offer outside of the accommodation options. It can’t just be about life in front of a computer screen – there needs to be a healthy balance of work and play. 

Why The Bay Area Is So Appealing To Those Looking For Shared Housing and a Like-Minded Community 

One of the first things that come to mind when anyone says San Francisco is the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Opened in 1937, this mesmerizing steel bridge is 1.7 miles long and is the most photographed in the world. How amazing to have that on your doorstep if you base yourself in this city.

Iconic Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937 one of the main attraction in San Francisco.Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Fisherman’s Wharf is the place to head to for some of the best seafood in the city. Outdoor stands sell the freshest fish and crab each day or you can head to one of the pricey restaurants for a sit-down spoil. 

Alcatraz Prison can also be found here, as well as Union Square and Chinatown. Sports fans can get their fix of basketball, football and baseball here as San Francisco has a rich history of successful teams including Golden State Warriors on the court, SF 49ers on the field and both the Giants and Oakland Athletics in baseball. It’s a little-known fact that some baseball tickets include a free hot dog!

It’s difficult to get bored in this eclectic city and the transportation system means you can always hop on a train or tram to get your next meal, event or visit to the park. But it’s pricey – the property prices in the city make it the second most expensive in the States. So when coliving started to thrive here, it was seen as the answer to many people’s problems. Living with others was the smart choice, the most affordable choice and the most social one too. 

Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to rent a place on your own, unless you have a ridiculously high-paying job or a dearly departed rich uncle. Most people can’t live on their own and many don’t even want to. Communal living is now seen as one of the healthiest ways to live and work, especially in such a busy, dynamic and expensive city. That’s why the coliving scene is alive and well in San Francisco. It’s proven to be the best choice for those starting out with their own business or interning for one of the hundreds of Silicon Valley companies. 

Many of the coliving spaces over short-term stays, as well as year-long contracts. Some offer same-sex bedrooms and even same-sex bathrooms. Some focus on events like masterminds and accountability sessions, while others realize the importance of time out of the work environment. They plan trips and hikes and meals in and out of the house, and that all helps to create a homely comfortable feel. Communal areas in these houses are set up to encourage everyone to relax and connect with those around them. Pools and pool tables help with that philosophy too. So let’s look at some of the best places on offer at the moment and what makes them so enticing to those seeking a home and office combination. 

Some of the Major Players in the Coliving Community

Haas coliving (Haas HQ and Haas Dog House) offers places to live and work for $1500 a month, but rent can be as low as $1200 if you opt for a one-year contract. It has a gym, access to two coworking spaces, a games room and communal areas for socializing. Haas has a live-in coordinator who handles everything to do with logistics and communications, leaving you with nothing to do but focus on your perfect work and play balance. All the cleaning is included too. They take the bedroom sharing options very seriously, trying their best to match personalities. 

908 coliving prides itself on appealing to artists and inventors. It welcomes people from all over the world including musicians, philosophers, lawyers, and designers. Knowing how important it is to start the day right, this space includes daily breakfast in the rental price, as well as entry to communal events. 

908 north beach coliving stylish apartman design

Source: 908 North Beach Coliving – Coliving.com

HackerHome has several locations around the city (HackerHome Sunnyvale and HackerHome Santa Clara) with some including pools, gyms and family meals. Pitch events and nature outings show that this company gets the right balance between work and downtime. It’s just one of the reasons why HackerHome has become so successful in the area. 

ZapiliMVP community regularly organises community events for its membersZapiliMVP Community

ZapiliMVP appeals to boot camp students and offers shared bedrooms in a huge house. There is an emphasis on downtime too, with weekend board game marathons including Catan and Splendor. There are large communal areas and for the environmentally conscious, the house has food waste composting and garbage recycling. 

Source: ZapiliMVP Beach Coliving – Coliving.com

Outpost Club is also hugely popular with several places set up specifically for shared housing. They can be found in SoMaNob Hill, and Japantown to name just a few. They offer monthly rates of between $990 and £1,350 depending on location. Their Nob Hill location has just been renovated and has a large outdoor space where you need to get some fresh air. With 14 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, it’s fast becoming one of the most popular choices in San Francisco. Their one in Japantown is close to a host of cafes, bars, entertainment, and transport options.

20Mission is one of the larger coliving spaces, housing up to 41 residents. This shared accommodation draws in entrepreneurs, as well as tech, art and, design nomads. There is even a dog that lives here, though other animals are unable to join this community. With a rooftop relaxation area, large social room and coin-operated laundry machines, the importance of community, support and friendship and networking is at the forefront at 20Mission. 

Other Popular Options in the San Francisco Coliving Scene

Crashpadz in Broadmoor is aimed at those aged 21-40 and organizes shared events such as family meals, movie nights and weekend trips.

Vybe aims to bring together the most multifaceted community of professionals and students, with a focus on diversity and support. You can choose from two of their coliving spaces: SoMa and usf.

Vybe Living - SoMa coliving space kitchen

Source: Vybe Living SoMa – Coliving.com (That fridge though)

Startup has weekly and monthly events, including a monthly Investor BBQ Pitch Party, where entrepreneurs can network and present their projects to Angel investors.

Startup coliving locations: 

Startup House — SF Downtown

Startup Basecamp — Civic Center

Why Is the Bay Area So Popular For Shared Housing?

It’s clear that San Francisco’s coliving community is vibrant, enthralling and popular for many reasons. The cost of living here is extortionate unless you look at shared housing, plus it’s a great way to network and make friends. The fact that Silicon Valley is here means that there are many job opportunities, events, investor opportunities, and intern programs. 

Coliving communities in San Francisco for startups, artists, entrepreneurs and remote workers.

Coliving spaces have worked hard to create the perfect environment for those seeking a solution to loneliness, isolation, work/play balance, and financial struggles. It’s no wonder that thousands flock here from all over the world – they have the choice to live in cities that are much cheaper, but there is so much about the San Francisco Bay Area that makes it the right choice for them, and it’s not just the work. 

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