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About Startup Basecamp

We believe that the unique innovation mindset of the Silicon Valley ecosystem can empower entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to build innovative solutions that change the world. However, access to the Silicon Valley ecosystem is not equally distributed and can be difficult for any foreign startup, corporate & investor to access. For the last 5 years now, we made it our goal to facilitate this.
We started by building the first “Startup Hotel,” a unique concept of co-living and co-working spaces that offer quality short-term living and working solutions for startup professionals looking to temporarily settle in San Francisco. We have hosted over 2122+ international entrepreneurs from 68 different countries, who have raised over $815 million!
Today, thanks to our global network of entrepreneurs, experts and investors, more than offering places to live and work, and building a community of international tech professionals, we create bridges between international tech ecosystems and Silicon Valley.
With our Innovation Lab, we design unique week-long innovation programs – both general and industry focused – for accelerators, universities, corporates, and investors to empower groups seeking to change the world.
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