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Coliving in Bremen


Coliving in Bremen

Located at the River Weser, Bremen is home to the second biggest harbor in Northern Germany. You might know the city from the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale “Town Musicians of Bremen”. Due to its harbor, it is nowadays a major economic hub and a great candidate for coliving with fellow freelancers and digital nomads.
If you want to live like a local, take a fairy South across the river to Stadtwerder. There you can relax at the beach, play volleyball or use the WI-FI at Café Sand. Watch out for the Lichtluftbad; at this river beach venue, people have been bathing naked since 1905. Lichtluftbad also hosts events like Walpurgisnacht, the night when witches congregate around a bonfire.
On the north side of the river, you will find the old town and cultural center of Bremen as well as the majority of the coworking spaces. Marktplatz is the heart of the city. In summer it is great for sightseeing. In winter, however, there’s the traditional German Christmas market with gingerbread and mulled wine.

Here are some more fun facts about Bremen:

- Bremen has a population of 570,000.
- The town hall at Marktplatz was finished in 1405 in a mix of renaissance and gothic style.
- Napoleon Bonaparte was so impressed by the statue of Roland in front of the town hall, he wanted to bring it to the Louvre.
- The football club SV Werder Bremen was founded in 1899.
- Aside from the local beer Becks (popular all over Germany), Bremen also produces craft beer at Union Brauerei. You can participate in beer seminars or go on a brewery tour there.
- Castle Schönebeck, erected in the 17th century, is now home to a museum about shipping and whalers.
- Bremen hosts an open-air classical music festival called Summer in Lesmona.
- #bremermoment and #meinbremen are the most used tags by Bremen’s Instagrammers.

Home to many multinational manufacturers and companies, maybe Bremen can also be your home for a short-term or long-term coliving experience. It is not too densely populated, overly touristy, or overly busy in a distracting way. Bremen is simultaneously chill and interesting; this is a city where you can stay focused on what matters to you, and always find something new to enjoy during your breaks.

What is coliving?

Coliving is a new trend amongst millennials for renting shared apartments. Whether you're moving to Bremen for work or just looking for a new apartment, coliving in Bremen is a good way to save money and live with like-minded people. Co-living places people from different backgrounds together and encourages them to interact, collaborate and form new friendships. When compared to dorms, coliving is much more attractive, since it's relatively inexpensive, all-inclusive and allows you to rent a furnished room with an individual lease.

Why book coliving in Bremen?

Looking for a room for rent in Bremen? Look no further! offers quality, trusted coliving spaces in Bremen with all the amenities you need - and we offer them all at an affordable price. Finding the perfect coliving space in Bremen is easy and convenient. New residents can explore a variety of rooms online and apply for a spot that fits their needs. All coliving spaces in Bremen include furniture and amenities in the same bill.