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Coliving in Brussels

Chocolates, waffles and fries. Yes, it is Brussels, the capital of Belgium, which is also referred to as the Political Capital of Europe post World War II. It is popular for its coliving spaces that have been designed to suit the increasing number of digital nomads who choose it as their next destination. The climate of Brussels is moderate with mild winters and rainy summers. There are 138 restaurants per square mile here offering a great variety of food from cheap eats to healthy and decadent. There are lots of green areas and parks here to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. A plethora of cafes offering free Wi-Fi and laptop connect points, and an ample number of coliving and coworking places make life for digital nomads easy and welcoming. There are many meet-ups and social events for people to mingle and connect with other like-minded
individuals. Brussels is acclaimed for its Comic Culture and is the birthplace for many comic characters like Tin Tin, Lucky Luke, Gestan Gil Jourdan and Marsupilami. The Comic Strip Center is the museum that celebrates Tintin and The Smurfs. Other places to visit include the European Parliament, Grand Place, St Michael & Gudula Cathedral, Galeries Royales Saint Hubert and many more. Walking tours are in ample supply and are both informative and entertaining.

Fun Facts about Brussels:
- Home of the European Union HQ
- Brussels and Belgium don’t share a common language
- Grand Place is a UNESCO World Heritage site
- Love Beer? Over 800 brands available
- South Charleroi Airport is the most punctual airport in Europe
- Mannekas Pis, a 24-inch bronze fountain statue of a naked boy urinating, is dressed up differently every day, and it’s reported to have been stolen seven times!
- Airport in Brussels is the largest chocolate selling point in the world
- Chips, commonly known as French Fries, were created here
- Home to Europe’s largest agricultural, forestry and agricultural-food fair called the Foire de Lebramont

It’s clear to see why digital nomads love Brussels so much (and of course the fries and chocolates too) and why so many coliving and coworking hubs are on the rise there.
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