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Creative Harbour is an experience-enriching tribe that acts without asking permission to do what we know is right. We believe in the power of sharing as an engine to create connections, opportunities, and memories that will last. Read our manifesto at your own risk. You may feel an overwhelming sense of change.

Harbour House Blackrocks is a coliving and coworking space designed to be the perfect hub for digital nomads, remote workers, flexible workers and business travelers who want to live, work and meet like-minded people.

Located near the dormant volcano Calderón Hondo, this stunning villa is just 10 minutes away from the most beautiful surf beaches of the island.

Focus on your daily tasks from the coworking area surrounding the pool or work from one of the many workstations scattered all over the villa.

Enjoy your breaks and unwind in the villa's pleasant co-living spaces, cook a generous meal in the spacious kitchen or just dip in the swimming pool to wash all your work problems away.

Whether you are a remote worker, a digital nomad, or just in need of a space where to find the perfect work-life balance, this is the right place for you.
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Are you ready?

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