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About Crossover

Crossover manages coliving spaces in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. We have been managing shared apartments for a decade and have had people from 77 different countries staying with us.

Our Principles

1) We Grow Our “Alumni” Community:
We don’t have a membership with fee charges. Instead, we do take care of the growing “referral alumni community” with feedback. We believe our alumni understand well the value of our fair price table and its services. Our alumni have put 200+ reviews in 2019, 75% of reviews are with five stars, 97% of reviews are four+ stars. Our cumulative alumni came from 74 unique nationalities and expanding. We welcome any new guest, from a fresh search, who will become our future alumni.

2) A simple/fair one month price, Transparency is our matter:
Our minimum stay price is simple one month each for fair, not a discounted price for three months nor six months. Our one-month prices are already competitive (range from $1,100 to $1,500, 90% of our 170 rooms are under $1,650 per month), compare with others’ price with discounted for three-six months. 25%+ of our lived-customers extended a few months of their original stay in 2019. All-inclusive co-living environment, furnished private room, from the day one.

3) We do care about the local property industry to grow together:
We are providing co-living communities for the guest by assisting property owners to facilitate their under-managed property to live. We care about the customer’s community, of course, and at the same time, the property owner’s community, the vendor’s community, and our team to unite together on our digital platform.

4) Privacy is the first:
We won’t offer a BBQ party to join:). Our priority for the guest is their privacy, quiet environment, and security. Our team will take care of cleaning for common space weekly, so our kitchen/dining are always comfortable space. For the guest who expects to expand their community-based life, our office at WeWork provides you day/after work communities. We just moved our head office to the newest WeWork offices in Long Island City, all subway lines can reach from Queens Plaza, join us anytime at WeWork terrace!.

5) We know Co-Living for 10 years.
Our founder started the co-living business from his own apartment after he couldn’t find an appropriate price accommodation for his first three months’ stay in New York. All of our team lived/known co-living rooms, so we understand what the customer feels/needs next. “We are co-living roommates, who serve for co-living guests.”

6) A sustainable business models to share goods with everyone:
We won’t invest luxurious buildings like a hotel, nor a garden space for a party. We simply rent the existing empty rooms and townhouses from owners, put IKEA type of furniture in, and listed the cleaned room on multiple digital platforms. We grow by our operational profit base, which comes from the guests paid at a fair price and profit back to the owners. The key driver for our growth is not the tangible number of rooms; our growth driver is understanding how to care for the guests and rooms 24/7, the intangible value within.

Crossover's latest reviews

Vinas L. Mar 2023 5.00

The space was "sparkling" clean. I felt pretty comfortable. Other roommates were respectful and was overall an enjoyable stay.
Perfect for business or people in school.

Albert O. Feb 2023 4.90

Would recommend it. Clean and safe place!

Josê C. Jan 2023 4.80

Muy buena ubicación. Todo igual a las fotos. Muy buen lugar

Sean H. Jan 2023 5.00

This coliving place provided a regular cleaning service to make sure the common spaces stayed clean. And they quickly addressed any maintenance issues reported.

Anastasia B. Dec 2022 5.00

Live for about 1,5 years! Wow, It’s a long! And I genuinely love this place! First of staff members are always in touch which is very helpful in any case. For all time that I spent there, I had amazing 2 roommates who were so friendly and clean, and respectful, that my staying was more than great.

Gypsylyn D. Nov 2022 4.80

Honestly the best. The place was extremely clean. It had all the amenities you could ask for. My roommates were extremely respectful.

Mari DC Oct 2022 4.80

Very good communication! Great roommates.

Reign H. Aug 2022 5.00

Stay with them. You won't regret it.

Custodio L. Mar 2022 5.00

Enjoyed my stay here! Clean space and friendly staff

mary B. Sep 2020 1.00

They are a terrible landlord who do not care for new tenants. During me and my boyfriends stay in his elmhurst property, we were subject to constant harassment from our downstairs neighbor, as well as other tenants who lived in the shared space. Despite them saying they will not get involved in matters between tenants that is exactly what they did, as I was accused of smoking in the apartment with no proof, when there were 4 other people living in our floor alone. We were the subjects of consistent harassment from the landlords and blamed for other tenants mishaps such as them leaving hair in the bathroom, or garbage in the shared kitchen. On one occasion we even found a joint filter in my boyfriends shoe. During every instance they sided with the tenants as they claimed they didn’t have problems prior to our arrival. Whether that is true or not I’m unsure but I will not be renting here again. They are unprofessional, and their properties are old buildings that are managed terribly and on the verge of falling apart. If you are coming to stay in NYC avoid them at all costs.

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