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About Outsite

Outsite was founded in 2015 to serve a new segment of location flexible professionals looking to integrate their life and their work.

From the simple seed of an idea - to live and work in beautiful locations surrounded by interesting people - Outsite was born.

Outsite’s vision is to offer a way for people to experience the work/life integration of our generation craves with a global infrastructure that mixes physical spaces and online communities to facilitate the nomadic lifestyle.

Access to coliving/coworking spaces, a community of interesting people and leading experts and services to facilitate this emerging lifestyle form the base of our offering.

Currently, Outsite has 28 spaces in locations both in the USA and internationally, ranging from jungle villas and beachfront apartments to mountain hideaways and urban homes-from-home.

To best serve our customers, each Outsite features the right amenities and design to make each stay as productive, restorative, social, or fun as you desire.

Outsite's latest reviews

Robin P Jul 2022 5.00

The best part my stay was being a stone's throw from coffee lab, with great coffee, food, and a good spot to work from w backup wifi if something in the house wasn't working properly. Great vibe!

Matt H Jun 2022 5.00

This location is beautiful! The rooms are well maintained and spacious and the internet is fast. Make sure you rent an ATV or have a car though because the hill is a very serious walk.

Bárbara R Jun 2022 5.00

From the minute I stepped into the house I was amazed by how it perfectly blended with nature and the sea. I was lucky that on the same day the community manager offered to organize a barbecue and so I got to meet all the amazing people at the house from the very first minute. The rooms were very clean and you could hear the sound of the ocean and the birds in the background. The kitchen was also spacious, and clean, and there is care with sustainability. The coliving spaces are great with fast wifi. The only downside is that you need to climb up multiple steep hills to get to the house and that can be challenging when you don't rent a car or are not comfortable driving an ATV.

Ekaterina S May 2022 5.00

The houses are cute and cozy and have amazing local contemporary art. Having the Coffee Lab there is great and adds a sense of community. You can have fun and work remotely. I love staying here!

Oscar P Apr 2022 4.00

The staff does an amazing job in connecting you with like-minded individuals. You'll meet so many amazing people and experience so many adventures.
The facilities were clean and modern, the cleaning and repair staff were friendly, and the community manager is a life saver!
HOWEVER, the staff has to do a better job ensuring everything works as it should. Throughout my 20 business days spent at the house, the wifi dropped for 7 separate days. Additionally, my sliding door's lock did not work, and my balcony had no furniture.

Kylee O Mar 2022 5.00

This was the BEST spot ever. The place is cool. The hallways, rooftops, and business centers are common areas. The coliving spot is fantastic. Beds were made each day, we had fresh towels and the location is amazing. I would recommend this as a place to stay for any person and group!

Martin N Feb 2022 5.00

The area is great if you want a quiet area where you can relax and focus on work. The weather is great all year round and there are plenty of tours to go on during the weekends. This space is great, clean and modern.

Buyu C Feb 2022 5.00

This place offers exactly what remote tech workers like me are seeking. Easy access to amenities, and safe and walkable beaches without suffering the overcrowding and endless sales pitch! nice people and amazing seafood! For us from the west coast of the US, it's just one short hop away from home. Can't believe I just recently discovered this!!!

Auguste J Jan 2022 5.00

If you're hoping to explore Lisbon whilst balancing work with free time, and want to also feel like part of a like-minded community - this would be a perfect way. You can be as involved as you want but be sure there's always someone around who would love to hang out, go out after work, or join you for a road trip on the weekend.
The location is very close to the waterfront as well as to all the central restaurants, cafes, or bars. So you're just a walk away from most places, perfect for a stroll if you're undecided. The Coliving area is in the same building - so it's perfect to pop back up to your room for a break or a call you need to have (in case the conference room or a booth is taken). The coffee there is great, too, and Alejandra is just a wonderful host, a great barista, and a friend to all.
All rooms are quite bright during the day and there are balconies for those extra sunny mornings/afternoons. For anything you might need during your stay, for any help or advice - you also have a helpful community manager there to assist, who's always very responsive and caring.

Rodney C Jan 2022 5.00

Would not hesitate to go back to this coliving place. Great spot, walking distance to everything you need and super friendly team serving great food and coffee nearby.

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