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What is coliving?

Coliving is a community living concept for like-minded people to live, work, and play together. Living spaces are well designed, fully furnished, with incidentals and utilities covered by one bill. Catering to various living styles and tastes, the main value of the coliving experience is access to the community.

Looking for a month to month lease?
Coliving spaces don’t force you into a yearly contract, they offer flexible short term rentals with leases starting from as short as even a week.

Why Coliving.com?

Coliving.com is the #1 discovery and booking platform for Coliving homes around the world.





About Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a beautiful smaller city located along the Caribbean sea making it great for coliving. The city is only a short distance away from the popular tourist destination of Cancun but is actually a tourist hotspot all on its own. It has been the destination of PGA Tour golf tournaments and the set location for various television shows from North America. The city has recently undergone rapid development with new luxury residential buildings, restaurants, boutiques, and entertainment venues. This makes Playa del Carmen an increasingly popular choice for digital nomads who are looking for a new experience.

Due to the fact the city rests along the coastline, you can find everything you would expect from a beach town. From crystal sand beaches to amazing beach side bars and restaurants that are open all day and into the early night too. There are no major professional sports teams here, only a single football team, but it's still worth checking out. Playa del Carmen is home to some of the most incredible scuba diving in the world and is a global hotspot for professional divers to come. This is mainly because Playa del Carmen and a small island off the coast called Cozumel offer some of the best and most extensive cave-diving in the entire world.

There is so much to experience here, especially as a remote worker. This is much more of a laid back community compared to the neighboring city, Cancun. But if a slow-paced life is what you’re after then this city has plenty to offer you. Since this is a smaller city the one thing it lacks is the public transportation area. The only real transit here is a bus service that can take you across town or as far north as Cancun. Your best bet would be to look into the transportation of your own, such as a motorbike. Playa del Carmen's nearest major airport is only a short distance away but is located in Cancun.

Fun facts about Playa Del Carmen:

- The city is only an hour south of the party capital of Cancun
- Not so long ago, Playa del Carmen was a sleepy fishing village
- Playa del Carmen’s main drag, Quinta Avenida or 5th Avenue, is the heart of the city with a long pedestrian road
- Cozumel is just a short ferry ride away (about 45 minutes)