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Coliving in Tijuana


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Coliving in Tijuana

Tijuana is the most visited border city in the entire world because 15 miles of the border is shared with San Diego, California. If you’re an American looking for a new coliving space this is a great opportunity as you are so close to the United States but are still able to embrace the Mexican cultural experience. Tijuana is the most populated city in the Baja California state and the peninsula. The city is home to over two million residents and has the fourth busiest land border crossing in the world. Even though it’s only just across the border, it’s a new world to experience here and a fantastic hub for new remote workers.

The city of Tijuana is thriving, with new restaurants and shops popping up all the time. You’ll find plenty of amazing little cafes and restaurants that are open during the day, as well as museums and parks. As the sun sets, it will be impossible to miss all the amazing nightlife the city has to offer. Tijuana has become the second most popular place for nightlife in the country of Mexico. You’ll find nightclubs and bars with live music open until the early hours and many street food vendors will also still be wandering about selling their goods.

You won’t need a vehicle here, this is all due to the public transportation that the city offers. While Tijuana specifically only really offers bus service, they still have Uber and Taxis to get you around too and these are cheap compared to U.S. standards. A light-rail train starts at the border crossing to take you to downtown San Diego as well. Tijuana has its own airport but is only served by two destinations. If you’re looking to get away, the easiest option to use San Diego international airport. Here you will find flights all over the United States and Canada.

Fun facts about Tijuana:

- Tijuana has the only seaside bullring in the whole world. With a capacity of 22 thousand people
- Tijuana produces 80% of the world’s digital thermometers
- July 11, 1889, is considered the official date of the founding of the City of Tijuana