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What is coliving?

Coliving is a community living concept for like-minded people to live, work, and play together. Living spaces are well designed, fully furnished, with incidentals and utilities covered by one bill. Catering to various living styles and tastes, the main value of the coliving experience is access to the community.

Looking for a month to month lease?
Coliving spaces don’t force you into a yearly contract, they offer flexible short term rentals with leases starting from as short as even a week.

Why Coliving.com?

Coliving.com is the #1 discovery and booking platform for Coliving homes around the world.





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About Plovdiv

Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria. It is the cultural capital of the country, making it a popular hub for coliving. This ancient city built around seven hills is located in the historical region of Thrace.

With so much history and things to discover, there is no wonder that so many digital nomads are attracted to living a remote lifestyle here. Plovdiv's main street is filled with cafés, restaurants, bustling nightlife, along with a stunning ancient Roman Theatre. Other highlights in the city include the Roman Stadium, Kapana District, The Old Town, Hindliyan House, and so much more. There are endless places to explore and experience.

Anyone that has ever been to Plovdiv will be dying to tell you how amazing Glavnata is. It is the meeting point of Plovdiv local folk and is lively every night. Digital nomads and travelers flock here to mix with Plodivians. In the summer, it calms down a little, but that’s just because of the heat.

With countless things to do in the city, it's a relief to know that there are many different ways for individuals to get around. From train to bus, or by taxi, there is no need to stress about not being able to see everything on your bucket list in this fantastic city.

Plovdiv is home to delicious and unique dishes. There is so much to try and experience. Some favorites here include Chuska Burek (stuffed Bulgarian peppers), Tarator soup, green bean stew, guvech Thracian style, and grilled cheese honey walnuts.

It is a fantastic city and hub for nomads to live in with its great lifestyle, excellent cafés, and work environments. It has a super low cost of living, so much so that remote workers tend to stick around for quite a while. Coliving is on the rise here and it’s easy to see why.

Some interesting facts about Plovdiv:

- Plovdiv is the oldest and continuously inhabited city in Europe
- It was built on top of seven hills
- This ancient city is famous for its history exhibits, including old coins, clay lamps, and mosaic panels
- The city remains unknown to some travelers but is starting to become more and more known