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Coliving in Seoul

Think of Seoul and the two things that would most likely come to mind are K-Pop and Bibimbap. But more than its vibrant music scene and unique cuisine, the coliving trend is slowly becoming a strong presence in this wondrous city. One reason why digital nomads are starting to flock to Seoul is the internet connection. You can get access almost anywhere and you won’t have to worry about unsent email as it’s extremely reliable. Seoul is also teeming with gorgeous and accessible coffee shops. A lot of these stores have Wi-Fi and are open 24 hours a day. Pretty much a great alternative if you’d like to take a break from your usual coliving environment. The cost of living is also quite affordable. You can survive with just $250 a week and the city is filled with restaurants and retail spots that fit any kind of budget. For those who truly prefer the towering buildings found in the city, Seoul is filled with modern skyscrapers that is a testament to how advanced the city is. At the same time, they are still rich in culture as the Buddhist temples can be a nice destination if you’d like to explore the city during your downtime. Seoul is also one of the safest places in the world because gun possession is illegal in the whole of South Korea and the country prides itself on making its citizens and tourists feel safe. Public transportation is also a dream in Seoul since you can easily reach your destination using the city’s high-tech subways.

Here are a few fun facts about Seoul:
- Seoul is the capital of South Korea
- It is ranked as the fourth largest metropolitan economy in the world
- It houses the world’s largest indoor theme park - Lotte World
- It’s a city that never sleeps since coffee shops, shopping centers and fast food chains are open 24 hours
- Seoul is the most visited city in South Korea

From the city’s modern vibe to the growing coliving trend, Seoul makes a great place for remote workers to choose.
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