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Coliving in Vicente López


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Coliving in Vicente López

Vicente López
Vicente López is part of Greater Buenos Aires and right by the Río de la Plata estuary and has in recent years become almost a part of the bigger neighbor’s suburbs but offers coliving and coworking opportunities away from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires.

The area around Vicente López is known mainly for manufacturing textiles, chemicals, lumber, metals and also food products, while the city itself relies on tourism and boasts many beach resorts and attractions.

Remote workers based here, use the trendy beach city to explore the rest of the estuary coastline.

Here are some fun facts about Vicente López:

- People have been living here since 1580 and about 360,000 live here today.
- It is named after Vicente López, the author of the Argentinian national anthem.
- Visitors can escape into nature at the Vicente López nature reserve.
- People flock here from Buenos Aires to see the famous tango shows in its halls and restaurants.
- Tecnopolis is an exhibition and science park that is open from May to November and popular with families.
- Cooking classes are also popular with residents here, who can learn to make local specialties such as tarta de atún, tuna pie, or empanadas.
- Vicente López Libertador Avenue is a street dedicated almost entirely to the sale of luxury cars as well as yachts.
- At the other end of the shopping spectrum is the popular Sabe la Tierra flea market.
- There is a big divide between the wealthier and the poorer areas of Vicente López, which unfortunately does lead to higher crime rates, but the areas east of Maipú Avenue are safe.
- Of course, the lovely coastline is also very popular with joggers and prettiest residential areas are also here on the river.

Because of its location in the estuary, Vicente López is popular with digital nomads for both long-term and short-term stays.