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Coliving in Buenos Aires


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Coliving in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires
‘The Paris of Americas’, Buenos Aires, is a sought after place for the digital nomads looking for a coliving space. The capital of Argentina is a blend of European and North American influences at a fraction of their cost, making it even more enticing for remote workers. Excellent infrastructure, friendly and open-minded people, vibrant lifestyle and English friendliness makes Buenos Aires a unique coliving destination. Solid Internet, affordable public transport, great healthcare and amazing nomad hubs make it a natural choice for many digital nomads and remote workers. The subway system across Buenos Aires is a popular and effective way to navigate the city. On top of that, there are buses, taxis and a free public bike-sharing scheme. Buenos Aires is much more than Tango. Of course, Tango dancers can be found everywhere but there is also rich culture, incredible weather, beautiful landscapes and superb nightlife. Be it cultural life, theatre, museums, art galleries, cafés, all of it makes this city a top place to live, work and play.

Fun Facts about Buenos Aires:
- Means ‘fair winds’ or ‘good airs’ in Spanish
- The capital and most populous city of Argentina
- The President’s mansion is called Casa Rosada, meaning Pink House. And well yes, it is a massive pink mansion with impeccable architecture
- Asados is the national dish consisting of a variety of barbecued meat
- The highest number of bookstores per person than any other city in the world
- Has produced five noble prize winners
- Has the largest mosque of South America- Kind Fahd Islamic Cultural Center
- The oldest metro system in Latin America
- First Latin American city to recognize LGBT rights
- Was founded twice – once in 1536 and then in 1580

Whatever the nomads love and could ask for, be it Internet, scenic views, coliving hubs, low cost of living, networking opportunities, great weather, Buenos Aires offers a comprehensive package. To add to it, the hospitality of the locals is contagious.
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