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Coliving in Bansko

Bansko is a town situated in Southwestern Bulgaria. It is a popular ski resort that has many fun activities for tourists as well as nomads. The town attracts those seeking an outdoor-loving, adventurous traveler looking to stay in a coliving space in Bulgaria.

Bansko has so much more to offer than just skiing, with its variety of outdoor activities. Summer hiking in the beautiful natural surroundings of Bansko is perfect for everyone, from the most experienced to leisure hikers. Mountain biking is also a very popular activity for outdoorsy types. However, if that is not your style, don't fret. The old town is lined with stores, bars, and cafés, ensuring you will always have somewhere to go and something to see. It is impossible to get bored of living here.

It is absolutely normal to spend all day outside ice skating and walking the beautiful and safe streets. The backdrop to the town is that of a beautiful painting, and you will never get tired of exploring and meandering here.

Bulgaria is a food lover's paradise, with its variety of unique local dishes. You can sample many different foods, including the bean and veggie soup, or tarator, which is a cold yogurt soup, made from cucumbers, dill and garlic.

You can get around the town on foot and check out the main attractions, such as Pirin National Park. It is a relatively small place. Taxis are also readily available here

Bansko is a popular coliving spot for digital nomads with a taste for adventure. There is fast Wi-Fi, tons of options for free Internet, and plenty of places to work should you wish to step outside your coliving accommodation. The town is filled with friendly locals, and it is effortless to find a friend with the same interests.

Fun facts about Bansko:

- It is located 927 meters above sea level
- The first protestant church in Bulgaria was founded here
- Bansko is Bulgaria's most modern ski resort, suitable for both intermediate skiers and snowboarders
- Bansko is located right at the bottom of the Pirin Mountains, which is connected to Pirin National Park
- Footpaths in the Pirin National Park are home to wild bears and wolves. The park is also known to have high altitude
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